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Monday, October 03, 2005

Wow, it’s been a while since I said anything.

But I did have a nice computer-free weekend with my wife.Anyway, onto the latest Lost theory. This one comes by way of my wife and I have to say that this is a new one and probably one of the more interesting ones.BTW, this may be a spoiler if you’re not up to date so I’ll give the standard warning.POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Here’s the theory.Assuming that Desmond and Jack first met 5 years or so ago, and that the stores in the bunker are significantly older than that, it seems clear that Desmond is not the first person to be down in the bunker. Also, the fact that he asked Locke, ‘Are you him?’. It seems that Desmond is expecting someone to come down, possibly to relieve him. Not too much of a stretch to think that this system has been going on for a while.Since this bunker appears to be where the numbers are originating from, and there have likely been other people in the bunker, it’s very possible that the guy that told Hurley about the numbers (the guy in the mental institution) was one of the previous workers down there.JJ has shown us in the past that everything is connected so it’s not too much of a stretch to think that perhaps that guy had been on the island and had gone crazy from it.It appears that the computer entry was a dead-man’s switch, or a security feature to make sure that whatever the bunker is protecting, it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Being down in that bunker with artificial light, no human contact, alone for several years and having to enter the magic numbers less than every two hours, could certainly wreak havok with a person’s sensibilities. Even Desmond didn’t appear entirely stable from his time there.Now I’m curious about what the bunker is hiding that requires the dead man’s switch. Is it related to the quarantine sign on the inside of the hatch? Is it related to something in the bunker?Good TV, my friends.

Good TV.MN

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