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Thursday, September 14, 2006

I was reading a newspaper article today about a shopping center being developed in an area of my city that has long been without one.  People who live in the area have complained that it’s a long way to the nearest center, which I understand.  What frustrated me was a comment on the article about how this is just another example of people in essence picking on poor people since this area of town is predominantly lower middle income families.  Comments and thoughts like this really irritate me.  The companies that were asked to build there turned the site down because they didn’t feel that the area could support a store.  How is that biased against the poor????  What obligation does a company have to build in an area where they don’t feel they can support it???  Why do groups always assume that there’s prejudice against their group?First of all, it seems that this would be a somewhat weak argument considering that it’s a grocery store. If this were a hot tub shop or a place that sold high dollar luxury items like a Sharper Image, I can see how that logic would fit.  But doesn’t everyone have to eat?  Doesn’t everyone buy the same basic items at a grocery store?  Second,  if a company evaluates an area and doesn’t feel they can support a business there, it’s just good business to not build there.I get so tired of minority groups whining about a perceived prejudice.  Yes, there are times when prejudice is clearly a part of something and must be confronted.  But this is just ridiculous.  Just another example of people always wanting to blame someone else for their miserable life.

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