Mandriva Linux Distributions – Customization With Style

Mandriva Linux – Customization With Style It took me literally hours to figure out which Linux distributions I would want to download and test. The choices are so varied and there are so many features each distribution offers that it was difficult just choosing. In this little article I will try to go over some of the basic features of one of my favorites, Mandriva. Unlike the competition in this sector, Mandriva offers an incredible…

"Mandriva Linux Distributions – Customization With Style"

How To Make Your App Stand Out In The Crowded App Store

The mobile apps are increasing like a jungle fire as the usage of mobile increased as compared to computers. Believe it not there is a lot of money profit in the app economy. As per the ABI research reports, the economy of the mobile app store in the year 2016 has become $46 billion which was $8.5 billion in the year 2011. With the rapid economic growth, there is one more thing which is increasing…

"How To Make Your App Stand Out In The Crowded App Store"

Shell Script To Find The Area of Rectangle

This shell script accepts the length and breadth of a rectangle from the user and finds the area of Rectangle. Formula:

Shell Script:



"Shell Script To Find The Area of Rectangle"

How to Perform Ubuntu 13.1 Password Reset

Need to know what to do if you forgot Ubuntu Password? Have no fear if you ever forget your password and are unable to log into Ubuntu in your computer . There is a very simple and quick way to reset your password with the help of recovery mode option in the Grub menu. Do the following steps to reset your password: Start your computer. In the Grub Menu which appears by default when you…

"How to Perform Ubuntu 13.1 Password Reset"

What is Fstab in Linux?

What is Fstab in Linux? The /etc/fstab file contains information about file systems.  It is used by several commands on Linux to define how file systems are mounted.  Every filesystem that Linux supports supports many different mount options depending on the file system.  For example, a filesystem called XFS, supports custom options like barriers/nobarriers, but ext4 supports options like discard if you are using solid state disks. The /etc/fstab file is comprised for six fields…

"What is Fstab in Linux?"