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Sunday, October 09, 2005

I haven’t mentioned much here about my affinity for baseball, but it’s definitely there.

I developed an appreciation for it a few years ago and have enjoyed it more and more each year.

I became a Red Sox fan shortly after I started following baseball, partly because I absolutely loathe the Yankees. Actually, my original loathing was not so much of the Yankees but of New York.

I wouldn’t want you to believe that I hold a bias of any particular geography, although many places in the world I would consider more beautiful or attractive than others.

But my hatred of New York is simply the people.

The arrogance, the belief that they are somehow superior to people from other locales, really rubs me the wrong way.

I’m sure some of it is taught by my father who would be perfectly content if New York and California were both to experience cataclysmic earthquakes and fall into the ocean.

But part probably also comes from my love of college football and my irritation with the east coast media who would be perfectly content if anything between Michigan and Nevada were to simply sink into the earth.

My best example of this is the media coverage of the Nebraska Cornhuskers during the 1995 season. Now for those of you who don’t follow college football, that team is considered by many to be the best (at least top 3) college football team of all time.

But during the season, to listen to the media, you would have thought that we had a nice little intramural team out here that really wasn’t any sort of threat to the dominant power of the Florida teams. After watching the Huskers absolutely dismantle the Florida Gators that year to win the National Championship that year, it became clear to me that the media didn’t

to believe that Nebraska could do anything good. Only one example, but experiences like this taught me to think of the east coast as derogatorily as they seem to think of midwesterners.

Sure the terms are different, but the feeling is very similar.Now, you may have noticed that there is a certain hypocrisy in this line of thinking.

If I truly hate the east coast, then following the Boston Red Sox is hardly better than the New York Yankees.

All I can say to that is that New York has always represented the east coast to me. That and George Steinbrenner is a lying, dishonest, petty, bitter, criminal man and I would want to have nothing to do with him.Anyway, all this to say that I was disappointed but not surprized when the Red Sox were swept out of the playoffs by the Chicago White Sox this year.

But the truth is, anyhone who followed baseball this year could have seen that the Red Sox were not nearly the team they were last year.

I’m not one who believes in curses and luck and karma and any other superstitious nonsense.

So what happened last year was simply a matter of the best team winning.

I felt the entire year that Boston had the best overall team which is why the playoffs made me so nervous.

I knew that they beat every other team in the league. I acknowledge that sometimes the best team doesn’t win, but last year, I felt they were the best team and should have won.

This year, they were neither the best or the ‘hottest’ team so I thought it was only fitting that the White Sox won it.

To some degree, I’m glad that they didn’t beat the White Sox because I felt Chicago had the better team and I didn’t want Boston to get to the ALCS and get beat by the Yankees.

I didn’t think I could handle the gloating, the gushing, the arrogance of people talking about how wonderful the Yankees are.I spent a lot more time jabbering this time than actually making my point about this years’ Red Sox team but it was stuff that I’ve enjoyed saying.

I’ll try to elaborate more at a later time.MN

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