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Thursday, September 29, 2005

As Mike mentioned in his post, I’m a big time gamer and a fan of shows such as Lost, Alias, and House.

I wish to comment on the last of these.I noticed during the first season of House that the producers must have struck some kind of lucrative deal with the fine folks at Nintendo.

Many times we see the illustrious Dr. Gregory House taking a break and indulging in a little casual gaming.

Nintendo must have payed a lot to place a shiny Platinum Game Boy Advance SP into those healing hands.

Not only that, but it’s obvious that the Dr’s game of choice is Metroid: Zero Hour (maybe Metroid: Fusion, I’m not sure).Here’s my quibble:

Why does the sound editor of this show (and any primetime show that features people playing video games) think that all games sound like Pac-Man?

The demographic of people watching these shows who have had experience playing Video Games is growing all time–and no doubt know what modern games sound like–yet evidently, sound-wise, Video Games peaked in the early Atari days.

Video Game sound design has come so far from the “Bleeps”, and “bloops” of two decades ago.

In fact, while demonstrating

for my mom, she was convinced that I had birds flying around my apartment and my dad had to point out that the birds were “in” the speaker.Oh, and evidently, whenever you give an actor or actress a game controller, even if they are avid gamers, all knowledge of how to operate said controller flees their mind.

Instead of reasoned, deliberate pressing of the buttons, and maybe slight body motion (we all do it), the actors are frantically mashing all buttons at once and flailing themselves around the living room.Lastly, according to primetime TV, all games consist of “beating the next level”, and all players are always on the verge of beating that level.

“Son, can you help me clean the garage?” “Just a minute Dad, I’m about to the next level.”Well, that’s all for now, but think about it…Video Games are poorly represented in a majority of television shows, and that needs to change.BZ

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