Haven’t Tried Buffer Yet? This Is Why You Should.

Buffer is a service that lets you feed interesting links into a central hub, and then it drip-feeds those links into your twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts at a regular interval. In other words, it automates your web presence in a simple way.

I started using Buffer about a month ago. This is what happened to my Klout score. Go figure. And see my simple instructions below the screenshot to learn how to get the same cool effect on your social presence on the web…

You know how you read and see a lot of interesting stuff online, but sometimes you just don’t want to send out too many status updates or tweets at once? I know I can get frustrated when other people “spam” my timeline/twitter feed with just links, links, links, anyway…

This is where Buffer helps – a lot.

About once a day I look through my google reader, the interesting links people tweet, some other sources – and I just queue a few interesting articles up to buffer. On my desktop pc I just use the handy Chrome bookmarklet, and on my iPhone I just open the link in Safari and “send link as email” like this. Easy-peasy!

Apparently it’s already having some sort of effect on my “online influence”, at least according to Klout. What’s more important, though, is that it just feels like a service that makes sense – it allows me to share lots of interesting stuff without necessarily being a spammer/interruptor.

Wanna try? Go ahead and sign up.

What do you think about this way to share stuff online? Have you already started using buffer? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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