Do this once a day and your skin will look like you are 20 years old –

Beautiful and young skin without wrinkles is something that every woman is dreaming about it.  In order to maintain a young look skin many TV actresses and celebrities use this Magical Botox.  The negative sides of the Botox are that this best treatment is every expansive  so only some of the women and young girls can afford it and it containing some harmful chemicals that put the side effect on the skin and on the face.   In this articles today we will giving  you some special home ingredients which do not have any magical effect and can’t stop the aging process, but they will definitely make the wrinkles less visible and slow down the aging process…

These important ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, they are not much expensive and difficult to find and the best part is that the result are quickly visible. This is a homemade mask that will make your skin firmer and smoother and will make your look fresh, young and full of energy.

This homemade mask will make your skin look fresh, young, and also will have firmness and smoothness.


Organic, pure carrot juice  5 tablespoons

Cornstarch – 1 tablespoon

Source cream -1 tablespoon


Pour into the bowl 100 ml of water, and the cornstarch and put on the stove on a medium heat.  Mix until the mixture is thick and the water evaporates.   Remove from the stove and let it cool down.  When it’s cold, add the juice of carrots and cream and mix until you get a nice mixture.

First you need to clean your face with warm water thoroughly, then you can apply this face3 mas. When you the face mask on your face, leave it 20-30 Minutes . Wash you face with hot water. if you have let mixture, then you can use it again , but keep in the cool place until the next time of use it.

You should apply the mask 4 to 5 times in a week if you want extra ordinary results.


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