Geek Save the Date Fun: Outdoor Photoshoot Part 1 :: Geekvites

Geek Save the Date Fun: Outdoor Photoshoot Part 1 ::

Seeking a respite from the uncountable hours spent picking up gold slaying demons in Diablo 3, my fiance and I went on an epic multi-city photoshoot road trip with but two goals in mind:

Take glamourous on location photos in a purely geeky fashion of our newly arrived beautiful samples.

Do not die from dehydration in the unforgiving California sun.

(We mostly succeeded.)

One amazing benefit of living in the City of Angels is that we’re in such close proximity of amazing movie locations and beautiful architecture. With that in mind, we ventured through the valley taking shots of our designs in their “native” environments.

Please enjoy the fruits of our energy-drink fueled labor.

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Geekvites is the new kid on the wedding block, filling a great void for the lack of save the dates catered toward geeks and gamers.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. TARDIS wedding invitations are very cool.

Geekvites fills that void gamers, geeks and nerds looking for the perfect wedding invitations and save the dates need filled.

The cards are nice enough that the non-geeky family and friends may not even notice, but those in the know will squeal with delight.

…with invites in the style of Doctor Who, Back To The Future and Jules Verne, your geeky party is complete.

It’s the perfect way to break the news to your parents that yes, there will be a TARDIS photo booth at your wedding and it will be awesome.

…these invitations really make me wish a trip down the aisle was in my future.

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