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Reception and Plans!

We cannot thank you guys enough for all the love given to us over the past few days. We’ve really been pleasantly surprised by the reception of the idea and we couldn’t be more glad you guys enjoy our initial 10 designs so much. We’ll be catching up on orders over the holiday weekend as our printer (another bride-powered small superstar muchos grande’ excellente business like us) is currently closed for Memorial Day – please be aware of this if you put in an order over the holiday!

So here’s a sneak peek on what we’ve got in store for you this week:

If you have any ideas or just want to say howdy, you can  or check out holler at us on , ,

and now , too. Dang, that’s a lot of social networking.

Phil is mostly comprised of water, the rest of it’s just a bunch of useless organs and bodily viscera. He’s just a little bit foxy when the mood is right, and he’s battled grues in his childhood. As depicted by his cartoony avatar, he is known for his fiercely amazing eyebrows.

Genius! I want to see more!

“The cards are nice enough that the non-geeky family and friends may not even notice, but those in the know will squeal with delight.” — “Geekvites is the new kid on the wedding block, filling a great void for the lack of

save the dates catered toward geeks and gamers.” — “It’s the perfect way to break the news to your parents that yes, there will be a TARDIS photo booth at your wedding and it will be awesome. ” — “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. TARDIS wedding invitations are very cool.” — “…with invites in the style of Doctor Who, Back To The Future and Jules Verne, your geeky party is complete.” — “…these invitations really make me wish a trip down the aisle was in my future.” — “Geekvites fills that void gamers, geeks and nerds looking for the perfect wedding invitations and save the dates need filled.” —

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