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Mischief Managed (Save The Date!)

Expecto Matrimonium!

Product Description

We really wanted to call this “Nuptials Managed!” So we kind of did anyway. Almost.

Your acts of love in this frightful world seem to have marked the two of you as special. “Chosen,” one might say, to spend the rest of your lives together. Of course, you might need a map to get where you’re going, and we’re happy to help.

Whether it’s a dry wedding or one full of butterbeer-fueled shenanigans, your friends and family will be sure to pile out of the nearest portkey by the dozens on your big day. Of course, they’ll need to know when it is,  and with these trinkets in their possession, it’ll be impossible to forget.

Size: 4 inches x 5.5 inches.


Additional Information

Pack Size

Pack of 100 Invitations, Pack of 150 Invitations, Pack of 200 Invitations, Pack of 50 Invitations

Paper Type

Quartz (Shimmery/Scintillating), Snow White (Matte)

Name 1


Name 2


Event Date


Ceremony Location


review for Mischief Managed (Save The Date!)

Rating by Danielle on Jul 13th 2012:

These are literally the perfect save the date cards for my upcoming HP themed wedding.

I never expected that I would be able to find something so fitting and so affordable, since price is often commensurate with unique-ness.

The cards are perfectly sized and the attention to detail is just wonderful (I love the little footprints and the House mascots in the 4 corners).

They’re like the wedding equivalent of a great inside joke – those in the know will TOTALLY get it, but those that aren’t will just think “wow, what a beautiful card.”

Turnaround time from order to delivery was barely a week, so they obviously have some connections in the OWL Post system there.

You will not be disappointed – the quality of the product and the speed with which said product is delivered is unparalleled for the value.

I can’t wait til they design matching invites!

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save the dates catered toward geeks and gamers.” — “…these invitations really make me wish a trip down the aisle was in my future.” — “The cards are nice enough that the non-geeky family and friends may not even notice, but those in the know will squeal with delight.” — “…with invites in the style of Doctor Who, Back To The Future and Jules Verne, your geeky party is complete.” — “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. TARDIS wedding invitations are very cool.” — “Geekvites fills that void gamers, geeks and nerds looking for the perfect wedding invitations and save the dates need filled.” — “It’s the perfect way to break the news to your parents that yes, there will be a TARDIS photo booth at your wedding and it will be awesome. ” —

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