Mahogany (Save The Date)

Mahogany (Save the Date!)

More romantic than a fistful of poisonous berries.

Product Description

Featuring a fine wooden back and a faux carved front, your guests will know that, without a doubt, that your wedding shall be of the classiest of the classy, because from the very moment they see the card they’ll know: THAT IS MAHOGANY. There’s nothing classier than that.

Pro-tip: if you want to save on open bar costs, just lump all the booze together in one place, then call it something like, say, a cornucopia. Then arm your guests and let them go at it like wild savages until there’s only one standing.

May the cake be ever in your flavor.

Size: 4 inches x 5.5 inches.


Additional Information

Pack Size

Pack of 100 Invitations, Pack of 150 Invitations, Pack of 200 Invitations, Pack of 50 Invitations

Paper Type

Ice Gold (Shimmery/Scintillating), Snow White (Matte)

Name 1


Name 2


Event Date


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