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One thing that is extremely important to us and our health is our healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, loaded with lots of raw fruits and vegetables. But another thing that has an important role in our health and body is our blood type. The blood type forms while we are still in the womb, and you cannot change it. There are four types: A, B, AB, and O.

Each of these types has unique characteristics and they can affect weight loss, certain diseases, and even your personality. But knowing the characteristics of your blood type can help you in planning the adequate nutrition which will improve your health.

Here are ten things that you need to know about your blood type:

Blood type and nutrition;

When it comes to digestion or weight loss the blood type can be crucial because of the chemical reaction which happens in our bodies according to the experts. An example can be a person with blood type O who should consume foods high in proteins, such as meat and fish. People that have blood type A should not require meat consumption because vegetables are more suitable for them. People with blood type B should consume more red meat and avoid chicken, and the people with blood type AB should consume seafood and lean meat.

Blood type and diseases;

Every blood type is different because of the different forming of antigens on the surface of red blood cells which is also the main reason why every blood group is resistant to one type of disease while being susceptive to some other type. If you know the characteristics of your blood type, it can help you prevent some specific diseases.

Blood type and personality;

Yes, your personality can be affected by the blood type. People with blood type O are considered to be extroverts, creative, social and confident. People whose blood type is A are considered to be peaceful, artistically-minded and trustworthy. People that have blood type B are dedicated to their goals, strong and independent, and people with blood type AB are reliable, shy, responsible, and like to take care of others.

Blood type and pregnancy;

Women who have a specific blood type group have bigger chances of getting pregnant than other types and according to the experts, women with AB blood type produce less follicle stimulating hormone which helps women to conceive more easily.

Blood type and stress;

The tolerance of stress depends on the blood type. Blood type A produces more Cortisol, which is a stress hormone. And if you have met someone who easily gets furious, then that is a person with blood type O. They also have a higher level of adrenalin and they need more time to recuperate from stressful situations.

Blood antigens;

We do not have antigens only in our blood, they are also present in our digestive tract, from the mouth to the colon, and even in the nostrils and lungs.

Blood type and abdomen;

Some people with a certain blood type do not have to worry about belly fat because their blood type helps them get rid of it. Those people with blood type A digest carbohydrates easily and do not have belly fat. But people with blood type O are more prone to belly fat due to the more difficult digestion of carbohydrates.

Blood type and marriage;

You should check your partner’s blood type group before you get married because some blood types should not get mixed when it comes to having children. People with A and B blood type, according to the experts, should not mix together. RH+ and RH-, according to the RH factor, should not be mixed.

Blood type and exercise;

People with blood type A should do some relaxing and calming exercises because they are more prone to stress. They should try yoga and meditation. People with blood type B should try performing activities such as tennis, mountain climbing, and martial arts because they like challenges for their body and spirit.

Blood type and emergencies.

You should always have some information written on a piece of paper with you, such as your name, surname, address, phone number and your blood type, because in a case of an accident, and you are in a hospital, you will probably need a blood transfusion.


One thing that is extremely important to us and our health is our healthy lifestyle …

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