10 Ways to Lose 30 Pounds in 4 Weeks –

Weight loss can be quite stressful. People try all sorts of things that are known to help in losing weight, and when they don’t work they get frustrated. It’s even worse when ones weight lowers their self esteem. However, weight loss is very possible if you use the right techniques. Don’t look further, hereby are ten sure ways of losing weight in just four weeks.

1. Avoid Eating Starch and Sugar

Sugar and starch stimulate secretion of a lot of insulin in the body, which is the hormone mainly responsible for fat storage. If insulin level is high, the fat in the body is stored, and cannot be utilized or burnt. On the contrary, when insulin level is down fat easily comes out of the stores and begins to be burnt down. Moreover, low insulin aids the kidneys shed off excess water and sodium which reduces unnecessary water weight and bloating.

2. Eat more Proteins, Vegetables, and Fats

Ensure that every meal you take includes low carb vegetables, a fat source and protein. Intake of protein has the following weight loss benefits: it boosts metabolism using up to 100 calories in a single day, makes one full faster therefore lower calories intake, and reduces obsessive thoughts about food. Vegetables contain, minerals, fibers and vitamins that keep one healthy. Use low carb fat like coconut oil when preparing meals, since they boost metabolism in the body.

3. Drink a Lot of Water

Water contains zero number of calories and can’t be compared to any slimming drink. Moreover, it has no sodium, jumpstarts body metabolism, and flushes out excess water weight. If you find water too boring, you can eat food with diuretic properties like watermelon, grapes, cranberries, and asparagus among others.

4. Increase your intake in Caffeine

Drinks that contain caffeine like coffee and tea are naturally diuretic. Research has shown that caffeine drinks burn up to seventy additional calories in the body. In addition, caffeine boosts body metabolism by 3-11%.

5. Engage in Cardio Exercise

At times one may wonder what kind of exercise will burn calories faster. The answer is cardio exercises like boot-camp workouts, spinning and cardio kickboxing. They are more effective when they are done on a daily basis. If possible one can book a gym session with a gym trainer who will guide you on how to go about it. Normally, they burn between 200 and 300 calories and makes body organs appear tighter and sleeker.

6. Eat Spicy Food

Spices like cayenne peppers and jalapeno contain the compound capsaicin that increases the body ability to release stress hormone like adrenaline that speeds up the burning of calories and metabolism. Also, when one eats food with hot spices they are likely not to eat much as you know much food intake contributes to weight gain.

7. Have Enough Sleep

A body that undergoes sleep deprivation gets fat! People who sleep less weigh more than people who get adequate sleep. Short sleep duration is one factor that contributes to obesity. Moreover, study has shown that people who have good sleep make better food choices and intake low calories.

8. Take a Walk, a Hike or a Run

Walking is a form of exercise and it can be done at any time. However, evening jog can be quite effective since metabolism level slows down towards the end of the day. Therefore, if you go for a run before dinner your metabolism level will be elevated for the next two or three hours. Any form of walk aids in burning of body calories.

9. Eat a Light Dinner and a Heavy Breakfast

Dinner should be the lightest meal, because most of what you eat will be stored instead of being used in the body. So if you eat a heavy dinner, you will have a lot of food stored and in most cases stored in form of fat. A healthy heavy breakfast will keep you strong and going all day. Besides, very little will be stored since, most will be used as one deal with daily endeavors.

10. Try “The 4 Week Diet”

Another way to lose weight fast is to focus on your hormones – four hormones in particular. There is a new diet – The 4 Week Diet – that does exactly that.

If you think that following the above tips is quite hard and you want to have a more structured way of losing weight laid out for you, then consider trying the 4 Week Diet plan.

To find out if this diet could be just what you need to lose over 30 pound in just one month, check out The 4 Week Diet today.

In summary, the above techniques area sure guidelines to shed off excess weight in four weeks, if strictly observed and practiced. Remember, body weight is made up of what we eat and how we practice.

It is not hard to fall thinking that eating for weight loss is all about …

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