32 Lazyish Ways To Deep Clean Your Home You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner –

Of course these only really work on hardwood floors or tile. And even then, they’ll pick up *some* stuff, but not everything — to pick up more dust and debris, you have to put a little effort into using your feet as brooms and sweeping everything into one pile. But when I

for a week, I did that way more often than I expected to, and my floors were cleaner because of it!

Get them on Amazon for .

The pictured before and after: lots of liquid lipstick (an oil/grease stain). It’ll also tackle coffee, ink, wine, and pet/child stains.

Get a 36-ounce bottle from Home Depot for

or a 32-ounce bottle on Amazon for .

Get it on Amazon for .

So efficient! From . Get a set of 24 microfiber cloths on Amazon for .

Put the pillowcase over each blade, and gently pull it back toward you so the dust falls inside. From .

From .

If you feel the need to wash your wrenches and screwdrivers, that is. Oh, and skip the heat dry, especially if you have any plastic in the bottom rack. From .

From . Get a pot of wax on Amazon for .

It 100% works. See my full review of this hack .

You just switch it on and go. See my review of it , and get one on Amazon for .

Or your glass shower walls! Just be sure to rinse it well, whatever kind of shower you’re in. From .

Get a dishwand plus two sponge refills on Amazon for .

Just make sure to go for the *Cooktop Cleanser* version of BKF: It’s better for glass. Get two bottles of it on Amazon for , and get the Rain-X 2-in-1 glass cleaner from Walmart for .


and .

While there’s not exactly a ~lazy~ way to scrub hard water buildup out of a toilet, there is this, the ~easiest~ way. Get one from Walmart for

or from Amazon for .

Some reviewers mention they were shocked that it lasted for several months, even though it only supposedly lasts for . Get it on Amazon for .

From .

This is how I cleaned the stainless fridge in my last apartment, and it’s both easy and super satisfying. You just spray the Pledge on, let it dry, and buff it off with a clean, dry cloth. From .

Get a can of Pledge on Amazon Prime Pantry for .

Technically, you can let this sit anywhere from two hours to overnight to get results. And while you might have to do *some* light scrubbing, it should be much easier than it would’ve been without this cleaner! Don’t forget to spray it on the racks too (unless your racks have a special coating on ’em). Get a 24-ounce can on Amazon for .

Then wipe clean, and voila! From . Get a dish brush on Amazon for .

From .

Get a set of two silicone covers on Amazon for

(3 colors available).

From .

The ice and peach pits will clean out any stuck food bits, and the citrus peels will make it smell ~fresh~.

You can go the extra mile and make vinegar ice cubes *with* citrus in ’em, like , but that’s totally optional — any ol’ ice will do the trick. If it’s still a little stinky after ice and citrus, clean the underside of the “baffle,” aka that rubber guard thingy. From .

From . Get a 16-ounce bottle of mineral oil on Amazon for .

Then after it sits a bit, simply vacuum it up. From .

Don’t put foam pillows in the dryer at all, but you can dry down pillows on air-only, and synthetics with low heat. (Make sure to check the care tags on your pillows, first). From .

From .

From .

Get a pack of 5 lint rollers on Amazon for . (That’s $2.01/95-sheet roll, or $0.02/sheet.)

It has gentle, retractable bristles on one end to brush away dirt and a silicone wiper on the other to capture the gunk in the tiniest gaps, like on the side of each keyboard key. And it’ll work for a bunch of cleaning tasks: your phone, your DSLR, watches, and TBH even jewelry with hard-to-reach spots. Get it on Amazon for .

From .

From .

Depending on your model, you may need to directly add the vinegar to a full drum of hot water — read more on .

If you have a front-load washer, several reviewers mention it takes care of the mold under that pesky seal. Get a carton of six tabs on Amazon for .


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