5 Health Problems That You Could Identify by Looking at Your Hands –

Although we use our hands almost constantly, we rarely pay much

attention to their health or look. What many people don’t know is that

our hands reflect numerous aspects of our health and personality – for

example, they can tell us if the thyroid is working properly, or if our

hormone levels are properly balanced. The hands can also tell us if our

circulation is in order, which is why paying more attention to them is

of vital importance.

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Today we’re going to show you 5 health problems which you can detect

simply by taking a look at your hands. Not many people believe that the

hands can say a lot about our health or personality, but in the past,

gypsies would read the lines on hands in order to reveal aspects of a

person’s future. Just like that, knowing how to read your hands can also

help you identify if you’re suffering from certain health problems.

Here are 5 problems you can identify by taking a look at your hands:

Vitamin deficiencies

If your hands are tingling or itchy, you won’t get any money – it’s

probably due to the lack of vitamin B1, B12 or E. In this case, we

suggest visiting your doctor for a blood test. If it’s positive, your

doctor will put you on an appropriate vitamin supplement therapy.

Circulation problems

If your fingertips of the right hand are tingling, it may be because of a pinched nerve or cardiovascular disease.


If you’re feeling a pronounced tingling in the hands and fingers, it

may be an indication of diabetes. The tingling occurs due to reduced

circulation which can affect the nerve endings. In this case, we suggest

visiting a doctor.


Tingling in your fingers after long periods of lifting heavy objects

or keeping the wrist in an awkward position can be a sign of arm

fatigue. We recommend resting for a while in this case.

Spine problems

Damage to the spine can cause nerve pathway problems, so make sure to

keep your back muscles strong by swimming or taking yoga classes. Avoid

sitting in a chair for longer periods as well, as this can deform your

spine and cause numerous problems.


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