Be Careful: Your Body Alerts These 6 Symptoms Before a Heart Attack –

The best symptoms that are known for a heart attack like heavy pressure in the chest is very scary for many people, but only a small number of them know that a third from the patients who experience a heart attack do not feel any pain at all in the chest.

What is the most important thing when avoiding heart attack, is to try to lead a healthy lifestyle and also to minimize the levels of stress you are experiencing in your life. Here we will tell you about some of the symptoms that are very casual and are most commonly not associated with heart attack, but even this you will have to go to the hospital.


In case you are feeling drowsy all of the time you should hurry in visiting your doctor, because when the arteries narrow your heart receives a lot less blood than usually used to which means that it has to work a lot harder than normally.

Shortness of breath

What is more, when your heart gets less blood it means that your lungs are not going to be able to get as much oxygen as they normally do need,


In the case when your arteries do not distribute the amount of blood your blood normally needs in that case some complications occur and muscles are not getting what they need and this in turn can cause you to fall even if it seems like any usual thig, so you should be careful here.

Dizziness and cold sweats

You should never ever ignore signs like this because this can most probably mean that your brain is not getting the amount of needed blood.

Chest pressure

If and when you are feeling symptoms of a heart attack, in this case you will most probably experience discomfort in your chest and this situation will constantly increase as the heart attack itself happens.

Flu or cold symptoms

Experiencing this one can mean a sign as well, because of the fact that these flu or cold symptoms appear few days before the attack, and all of these signs that you should never ignore and definitely deserve that you pay a visit to your doctor.


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