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Under normal circumstances, human hair goes through a long cycle of growth (the anagen phase), which can last up to 3 years, a static period of 3-4 months (the catagen phase), and then shedding (the telogen phase). When we are living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, this process largely goes unnoticed. However, during times of stress or illness, you may notice a bit more hair in your brush than usual. When this happens, essential oils can be especially helpful for controlling hair loss and alopecia.

If you notice a substantial amount of hair falling out, the first order of business is to see your physician in order to rule out any serious underlying reasons for your hair loss. Once that’s out of the way, you’ll be better equipped with what you need to do in order to stop it.

Common reasons for hair loss include:

A vitamin or mineral deficiency (most often iron, zinc, B12, or D)

• Allergies

• Amphetamines

• Anticoagulants

• Auto-immune disorders

• Birth control pills

• Chemotherapy

• Eczema

• Emotional stress

• Heredity

• Hormone imbalance

• Menopause

• Over-exercise

• Overuse of hair dye and bleach


• Pituitary deficiency

• Psoriasis

• Ringworm

• Sudden weight loss

• Thyroid conditions

• Tight hair styles that strain the root of the hair

It’s important to narrow down the root cause so that you can ease those symptoms while also treating your hair loss. For me, I know that a few hormone imbalances and stress are to blame for the extra strands found in my shower after washing my hair. To remedy it, I’ve been focusing on getting my hormones back in check and controlling stress while also using scalp and hair follicle nourishing essential oils. Remember, if you fail to treat the root cause of the problem, your hair may continue to thin out. Hair doesn’t just decide one day to start falling out, there is ALWAYS a root cause.

The Best Essential Oils for Hair Loss and Alopecia

Some essential oils boast circulation enhancing effects while others stimulate and nourish the hair follicles. I’ve written a brief outline below of some of my favorite essential oils for strengthening the hair follicles and balancing and stimulating the scalp. Feel free to choose 3-5 essential oils to make your own unique hair nourishing blends. be sure to follow my maximum dilutions guide for safety here.

Hair Regrowth Serum Recipe using Essential Oils

I occasionally suffer from hair loss when my stress levels rise and get out of control. Along with working on controlling my reaction to stressful situations, I like to use a hair regrowth serum recipe to help nourish, repair, and stimulate my hair follicles.

Here’s what you need to make it:

• ½oz dropper bottle

• Castor oil

• Argan oil

• 5 drops carrot seed essential oil

• 5 drops cedarwood essential oil

• 5 drops rosemary essential oil

• 5 drops sage essential oil

• 5 drops Ylang ylang

Loving Preparation

1. Simply fill the dropper bottle with a 50:50 ratio of castor oil and argan oil and then add each essential oil.

2. Cap closed and roll between your palms to mix thoroughly.

To Use

Massage a few drops of serum into the scalp and allow it to sit for at least 15-20 minutes before washing.

The key is to get the oils to sit on your scalp for as long as possible before washing your hair. I will often apply the oil to my scalp/problem areas at the root and massage it in before my workouts (which can last anywhere from 20-60 minutes). This gives the essential oils enough time to soak into the scalp and get to work.

You can also apply the serum before bedtime and let it sit on the scalp throughout the night. This is the best way to use the serum as it gives plenty of time for the oils to really work their magic on your scalp and hair follicles. The key is to increase healthy circulation in order to stimulate hair growth.

Use the serum once a day for 2-4 weeks and then take a break for a week before resuming. You should see new baby hair coming in within a couple of weeks!

Another popular hair regrowth blend to try is:

• 1/2oz castor oil

• 2 drops frankincense essential oil

• 4 drops cedarwood essential oil

• 4 drops lavender essential oil

• 4 drops rosemary essential oil

• 4 drops thyme linalool essential oil

Prepare and use as directed above to help stimulate hair growth and prevent future hair loss.

What have been your favorite essential oils for hair loss and alopecia? Please share in the comments below


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