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Those who suffer from this condition called ingrown fingernails only know, how uncomfortable and sometimes how painful it is to live with these ingrown fingernails! But what is ingrown fingernail at the first place? The ingrown fingernail is medically known as Onychocryptosis. It is there when the edge of one or more of your fingernails grow into the skin surrounding it.

Such an ingrown nail curves down into the surrounding skin of the nail as it grows. This causes the skin to grow over the nail and thus it is called ingrown fingernail. While many of your fingernails can become ingrown, the toenails and particularly the big toenail, are more susceptible to this condition.

What are the Causes of Ingrown Fingernails

The most general cause of ingrown fingernail is the improper trimming of the nail. However, there may be many other causes.

Ill-fitting shoes can cause an ingrown toenail.

Cutting nails incorrectly, as mentioned earlier, is the most common cause of ingrown nail.

Injury to your nail or the skin around it may also lead to an ingrown nail.

Sometimes heredity too plays a role in giving you ingrown nails.

If you naturally have too large nails that curve naturally again, you are at an increased risk of having ingrown fingernails.

Whatever may be the cause for your ingrown fingernail, it may become infected if you leave it untreated.

Home Remedies to get rid of Ingrown Fingernail

Soak Ingrown Fingernail in Warm Water

Get this

Do this

Use Cotton Ball to Lift the Ingrown Nail



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