How To Remove Wrinkles On Face Naturally? –

Wrinkles are pale lines one the face which are one of the basic

indications of aging. They happen naturally as we age. The collagen

present in the connective tissue breaks down, wrinkles happen. Wrinkles

are not only a beauty issue of mature people. Many young women also

experience wrinkles which may be caused to be excess exposure to

sunlight, use of bad drugs, stress, etc. There are many ways to treat

theses skin problems, but the best way is to try natural products. Below

are the best methods by which will aid in removing wrinkles from the


While you toil away on your busy schedule you must be wondering to

yourself how to get rid of wrinkles on face? Wrinkles in the present

days not only show up due to old age but also due to the recent

unpleasant life style that we have chosen. The chaos in the present day

are real and tough with people always bustling around with stress,

anxiety and many more. This has been deduced as the source of premature

skin wrinkling.

Home Remedies For How To Reduce Wrinkles From Face Naturally:

This article will guide you how to get rid of wrinkles on face by

using some natural home remedies which has no side effects and cost in

cheaper also.

1. Using Olive Oil To Remove Face Wrinkles:

We all are aware of the benefits of olive oil in different fields. It

is great for the skin as well. A proper massage with olive oil will

make the skin smooth and remove stress marks. Olive oil moisturizes the

skin and provides it with a natural glow.

The oil is loaded with Vitamin A and E which effectively fight

wrinkles and hides them in no time. Massaging with olive oil will hide

dark spots and regenerate the skin cells in the affected areas. After

using this oil, you can be assured that your skin is being protected.

How to apply on face:

2. Yogurt Can Get Rid From Wrinkles On Face:

Yogurt has widespread beauty benefits and is a recommended ingredient

for almost all skin types. Here is how you’re going to use.

The yogurt is great for removing wrinkles and stretch marks on

the skin. It also makes the skin glossy and is also beneficial for

treating open pores. Orange juice also helps in eradicating wrinkles by

making them smooth. Bananas, on the other hand, will hydrate the skin

and keep it moisturized. Thus, after using this pack you don’t have to

worry about protecting your skin.

3. Fenugreek:

The whole Fenugreek tree is good our skin. Its leaves, branches, and

seeds, all are beneficial for our skin. It is one of the most effective

natural antidotes for controlling breakouts and other skin diseases. The

leaves are filled with different vitamins and minerals which nourish

the skin successfully.

How to use it:

The paste should be applied before going to sleep as it has to work overnight.

Alternative Method:

You can also apply fenugreek oil on wrinkles and other affected spots on the face like fine lines.

4. Egg White And Lemon Remedy For Face Wrinkles:

Egg whites contain essential vitamins especially vitamin E that is

almost an absolute necessity for your skin. Vitamin E not only nourishes

and nurtures your skin but also heals and repairs damaged skin which

includes skin sagging or wrinkling. Egg white tightens the open pores in

the skin making your skin more toned and firm. Lemon on the other hand

has always acted as an astringent. Enriched in antioxidants it gives

skin a youthful look by easing the wrinkles and fading away the signs of

old age.

How to remove wrinkles from face using this method? Carefully

separate the egg yolk from the white as you squeeze in a fresh lime or

lemon and batter the solution until it froths or creams. Now use a

cotton ball to apply it on your skin.

5. Herbal Tea:

Herbal tea has always been a safe and secure homemade remedy for most

of your problems. Usually it is the nutritional value of these herbal

plants that helps us flush out toxins from our system. A huge part of

stress and toxin accumulation has been blamed for skin wrinkling,

especially at a pre mature stage. This is why here we use the goodness

of the herbal tea to make some changes in your skin.

Here by herbal tea we are talking mostly about the most common ones

like green tea or marigold tea or even rosemary and thyme tea. Even

though a very few brews a herbal tea to apply it to their face, that is

still considered an option, the most common being incorporating them

into your everyday diet so that the herbs can work from the inside to

give you tighter and toned skin.

6. Banana And Honey For Removing Face Wrinkles:

Thinking of how to remove wrinkles from face naturally? Here is yet

another home remedy to curing stubborn persistent wrinkle problems. To

start with we would need to use the goodness of bananas which is a

powerhouse of vitamin b6. Banana has multi nutritional values that allow

you to keep your skin firm and supple at the same time. It nourishes

and moisturizes dry skin which is more prone to wrinkling due to lack of

moisture. Thereby incorporating hydration, bananas can be trusted for a

good wrinkle removal home remedy. Honey considered a natural healer

also moisturizes skin while fading away coarse skin and wrinkles.

For this you need to mash a banana into a smoothie possibly using

chilled milk. Make sure the paste is thick enough when you add condensed

honey and mix it well before applying evenly like a mask.

By citrus fruits, here we mean the usual ones like the orange or the

grapefruit and even the much delicious pineapple. Citrus fruits are

usually a rich source of anti oxidant one of the nutritional assistance

that you would desperately require to bring back that old glow of

youthfulness to your face. Gram flour or besan on the other hand is a

skin tightening product that is also a miracle worker for oil prone skin

as it soaks up excess sebum while strengthening the skin muscles and

making them more toned.

For this use gram flour and citrus juices to make a thick paste and

apply it evenly all over. Wait for it to dry before applying yet another

coat of citrus juice.

8. Cucumber And Watermelon :

Watermelon a summertime favorite is often more than just delicious to

the mouth. Watermelon possess a range of nutritional values but what’s

most attractive about watermelon is the skin relaxant properties where

it cools and soothes skin while hydrating it to the fullest leaving you

with a warm rosy blush. Cucumber, always used for the tired eyes and the

dark circles too add to the wrinkle cure procedure.

In a mixer grinder, add sliced watermelon and cucumber before making a thorough paste of it.

9. Avocado And Aloe Gel For Reducing Wrinkles On Face:

Avocado is the best if you’re suffering from dry skin and wrinkle

problems. Avocado pampers your skin like never before and it is of

course the best for skin wrinkling. Next in the line is the aloe Vera

which is a miracle worker for the skin be it blemishes, acne, allergies

and even stubborn wrinkles. Aloe possesses a wide range of nutritional

vitamins and proteins that softens, smoothens, heals and nurtures skin.

For this start by mashing the avocado, then adding a spoon full of aloe gel to the mixture before applying it as a mask.

10. Peppermint With Almond And Glycerin:

Mint extracts immediately flushes out toxins from your system which

had been deemed to be one of the many reasons why wrinkles predominantly

appear. Almond or any nut in that case is good for your skin especially

owing to their nutritional values while glycerin ensures the toxin

cleansed skin doesn’t go super dry and cracking.

Crush almonds and peppermint leaves together before adding glycerin to make the paste.


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