Mushroom Brown Hair Is Trending for 2018—And It’s Much Prettier Than It Sounds –

When sunny and warm summer days are finally on the horizon, most Southern ladies are ready to freshen up their look with a new cut or color in anticipation. While your first instinct might be to match the weather with warm tones like gold, honey, caramel, and chestnut, we argue that the best approach to the changing season is the new cool-toned hair color trend taking over: mushroom brown hair. (Quite literally, the hue favors the ashy gray-brown tint of the popular portobello mushroom. Aim for that, and you’re well on your way.) The multi-dimensional hair shade gets its rich blended color from an ashy base that’s layered with highlights and lowlights. Sticking with only cool to neutral brown and blonde shades is the ultimate key to getting the earthy tint. Our favorite part about taking on this end of the spectrum for spring and summer: As your skin gets a fresh sun-kissed glow, the cool tones of this trend get more striking. The contrast is devastatingly, for lack of a better term, cool. The versatile hair color allows room to customize, as well. Use traditional highlights, balayage, or babylights; and choose between shades ranging from beige blondes to dark mochas. You can create your perfect personalized ashy look. We’ve rounded up some major mushroom brown hair inspiration to show just what we’ve all been missing out on.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorites:

These looks defined decades.

Sleek Babylights

A medium ash brown base gets this flawless finish from major highlighting and lowlighting throughout. If you have straight hair, we’re thinking this sleek look is definitely the way to go.

Ash Bronde

This perfectly blended earth shade captures the mushroom brown color with its fully cool-toned look. The monochromatic finish just might be our favorite approach.

Soft Blending

Soft and subtle is key here. This look uses various medium ashy shades to get that earthy hue. It’s made even trendier with a perfect medium-length, layered cut.


This version is the closest thing you’ll get to a sunkissed ashy look, thanks to light neutral blonde balayage throughout the dark mocha mane. This approach will bring out warmer skin tones.

Warmer Base

This slightly warmer shade is full of dark chocolate and neutral brown and blonde highlights. It’s more neutral, but still gets that cool toning from the violet-brown color.

Beige Face Framing

This dark ash base is kept minimal and monochromatic, but the heavy beige blonde and ash brown face-framing catches the light in an effortless, natural-looking way.

Blended Bob

This medium mushroom brown color uses babylights to get a cohesively blended ashy shade. Can we talk about how stunningly it complements her warm complexion and green eyes?

Dark Balayage

This ultra-dark cool brown gets some beige blonde and light ash brown balayage highlights for a more dimensional look that gives an edginess to the trendy wavy lob.

Silver Sombré

These silky strands blend down into a soft ombré effect with a grayish ash shade that completely encapsulates the earthy mushroom tint.


Ash Brown Balayage

This subtle version lets natural brunettes ramp up their signature shade. The dark chocolate base is given a multi-dimensional look from light ash brown balayage.

Muted Metallic

Go fully into the ash trend with this muted metallic hue that still gets that cool factor from subtle balayage. This look is for the edgiest of ladies.

Icy Babylights

This ash bronde gives a lighter mushroom brown shade and ups the cool factor with a grayish tint. We love how this color treatment makes her blue eyes pop.

Subtle Lob

Soft highlights and lowlights enhance this mocha base, while the angled lob length haircut makes it even more on trend for 2018. The ashy colors almost take on a grayish-violet tint.

Ashy Ombré

You get a gradient of cool tones in this style with a mocha brown base followed by ashy brown and icy beige blonde balayage. The seamless finish will grow out easily and subtly as the season progresses.

Piecey Babylights

Get eye-catching color with contrasting babylights that go lighter and darker than the dark mocha base. This shade will really make a statement once summer rolls around.

Ashy Beige

This overall finished look is seamlessly blended into an earthy tone full of beige and light ash brown, which complements her peachy skin tone and also works well with warmer complexions.

Contrasting Highlights

While the lower half of the hair is covered with ash brown, the dark roots are peppered with lighter icy blonde balayage to create a more pronounced contrast.


While this style veers the most off course from the mushroom brown color, it shows how cool tones, such as blue, violet, and gray, are able to blend together easily.


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