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Did you know that even men have some estrogen in their body? Yes, they do, and excess estrogen can be critical and even fatal for aging men. But back to the female population. You might think that you need lots of estrogens. After all, it is the female hormone. However, things aren’t that simple.

You need hormonal balance in your body. When your hormones are balanced, things run smoothly, but when you have an excess of estrogen, you experience problems. And that will happen even if you are a woman. Estrogen is responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle and the entire reproductive system, and things get out of hand when estrogen is rising. Sometimes, estrogen levels rise naturally. Sometimes, they rise as a result of an outside factor.

In either case, you have to do something. First, let’s take a look at signs of excess estrogen.

Any of the signs listed here can manifest whether you have an excess of estrogen or not, so don’t take just one sign into consideration. However, if you experience two or more of the following symptoms, it’s time to visit the doctor and take matters into your own hands:

Increased PMS symptoms are the first, early sign of too much estrogen. Uncontrollable pain or even excess bleeding can be a sign of high estrogen.

Next on the line is an abnormal menstrual period. Again, this symptom is linked to your menstrual cycle, which, if you have an excess of estrogen, can last longer than usual.

When you have too high a level of estrogen, it’s only natural that you gain some weight. If you can’t explain why you are gaining weight, estrogen might be one of the reasons.

All of the symptoms are accompanied by constant headaches and feelings of fatigue. You have a feeling that your head might explode. And even though you’ve been relaxing most of the day, you still feel fatigued.

In most cases, due to the other symptoms, you have trouble sleeping. But that’s only natural; with so much pain and troublesome symptoms, it’s logical that you can’t fall asleep easily.

Given the fact that estrogen affects your menstrual cycle and the entire reproductive system, you’ll experience a decreased sex drive. It’s hard to be in the mood when your estrogen level is going through the roof.

Same as during PMS, constant mood swings are now normal and usual. And that happens despite the fact that you are not in PMS. As you’ll notice, most of the symptoms are similar to when you are in your menstrual cycle. But you’re not.

Hair loss is another common symptom of high estrogen levels. Just as men lose their hair due to an excess of testosterone, women lose their hair as a result of excessive estrogen.

Last, but not least, you’ll experience difficulty concentrating and memorizing things.

So, what can you do? If you notice two or more of the above symptoms, test your estrogen levels. A simple blood test will show whether or not they are too high. If your estrogen levels are high for a long time, you risk developing more severe diseases and conditions, like breast cancer, for example. That being said, you can easily reduce the estrogen levels.


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