The Best DIY Headache and Tension Relief Balm –

Are you dealing with headaches and tension? If you’re looking for a

great natural remedy for headaches, this DIY headache and tension relief

balm works wonders.

Balms can be a very effective way to apply essential oils to your body,

for multiple uses, whether it be for mood or for health issues. They

work well because you not only get the benefits of the base ingredients

in addition to the essential oils, but they stay put on your body longer

than if you used just the essential oil straight on the skin.

This particular balm was designed to help relieve tension in the

muscles and help with headache relief. I personally get tension built up

very fast in my neck and shoulders, which causes headaches, so I use it

when that is flaring up. If the tension is really bad, you can layer

oils on top of the balm as well.

The essential oils used in this balm are a powerful combination, and

each one adds its own health benefit and relief into the remedy.

Frankincense Frankincense essential oil is used because it is great for the skin.

Frankincense can help with neurological issues, so if your headache is

more of a migraine type, it will help alleviate that faster. It also

helps reduce inflammation, so it helps that tension die down fast.

Spearmint Spearmint essential oil is used for its cooling effect, which

immediately helps relieve the pain. The cooling sensation it gives will

feel like it is masking that pain, but it will take it away too. Plus,

Spearmint just smells amazing!

Peppermint Peppermint essential oil is used for a similar reason. In addition to

being cooling, it does help tremendously to alleviate pain and

discomfort. For any type of muscle strain or pain, peppermint can give

immediate tension relief.

Basil Basil essential oil is one oil that’s good for pain relief, and can be

underrated sometimes as far as oils go. It is great for ear pain and for

muscle pain, and if your headache is radiating near the ear or temple,

it is perfect oil to use topically there.

Lavender Lavender essential oil is used mainly for its calming effect. It will

help calm your mood, your tension and the stress in the muscles. It will

also help you sleep if you are dealing with the pain at night. In

addition, it’s great for the skin too, so it helps in that aspect as


This recipe makes more than one container or balm, so depending on

the size you get, you can make extras to give away, or to keep for

backup. I use smaller containers so that I can keep them in my purse or

give them to people easily.

The Best DIY Headache and Tension Relief Balm

Ingredients and Supplies


Get Headache Relief in the Bath!

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You can even modify them to use the same essential oils that are used in this headache balm for extra tension relief power.


Don’t mix it with regular salt, which is completely different from Epsom salt. Epsom salt …

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