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February 12, 2013

I am a fan of good technology, be it smartphones, tablet PCs or humanly interactive stuff like Siri. In the same way, I like all the modern competitive smartphone operating systems, be it Android, iOS or Windows Phone. I still haven’t got my hands on BB10, so I can’t comment on it yet. I have been using Android from past 3 years and have used 3 Android smartphones for my personal use and innumerable Android devices for short periods of time for reviews and other things. I have been using Android right from the time it started being popular, it was during/after the release of Android 2.0/2.1 Eclair. I won’t waste much of your time and start right away with some features that I want Android to have to be the best mobile operating system in this age.From time-to-time, I get tempted to switch from Android to iOS or Windows Phone but these features will stop me from switching to a rival platform.1. Add Pinch To Zoom In Regular EMail Client For God’s Sake – It took Google 3 years, after the introduction of multi-touch screens, to bring 100% zoomed out view & pinch-to-zoom functionality in GMail application.This feature came to GMail for Android with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean if I am not wrong. Still Google forgot to add the same feature to the regular EMail app. Yes, I get it Google! how you are stopping Android users from using EMail services from other providers, or at least making it hard for fellow Android users to use other mail services. But I seriously want to use other services such as Hotmail and Yahoo. So please let me have the same features and the same usability with which I am using GMail in Android right now.2. Can I Get Siri-Like Active Voice Assistant In Android? – Yes, I know, Google Now is practically more useful than Siri.It passively pushes relevant information triggered by time, location or event. But I want Google Now to stop being ‘passive’ and start being a bit more ‘active’.  It should be able to launch even third-party apps, answer my questions with more humour and not only do a plain web search.3. Dedicated Desktop App For Managing My Android Device – Apple iOS devices have iTunes and Windows Phone has WP App for desktop. I know we are moving towards a completely cloud based future where every thing is over the air, and an Android device can pretty much be managed through Google services on the web. But there are times when I am not connected to the Internet or for that matter, high speed network (Internet/Wi-Fi) and I want to have a physical backup of my Android device, including media, images, videos, apps, games along with app/game states so that when I restore my device, I can resume everything right from where I left it.  Also, that same desktop client can be used to sync media files like music, images, videos and subscribe podcasts.You keep on buying a lot of firms, why not buy DoubleTwist, which is doing a great job for being the iTunes for Android?4. Make My Android Device More Secure – What if I lost my Android device or if it gets stolen? Why not have at least a web interface in which, I can log in through my primary Google account, and lock the device, track the device location and beam a message on its screen.When I spend a heavy amount in buying a great Android device, I should be expecting these security features.5. Automated Profiles – Have you tried apps such as Locale, Smart Actions or Tasker for Android? They all let some tasks automated such as toggling on or off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, launch apps, etc.There should be a default feature in Android which lets define profiles which can automate tasks based on events, location or time to do certain tasks like turning the Wi-Fi on while you are in office or home and turning it off when you are on the move or turn off all power hungry things if battery is low.Apart from these major things, Google Play Store should have a facility to try apps and games before buying as well as smart-dialing in the dialer. From time-to-time, I get tempted to switch from Android to iOS or Windows Phone but these above mentioned are the features which will stop me from switching to a rival platform.





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