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July 13, 2013

People have started using devices with various operating systems and changing their devices frequently. They are finding a need to sync private as well as app data to save themselves of losing data that they have saved over months on a device. Also, even if they keep the data on each of their device manually, there is a chance of ambiguous data.

With  event, I feel that they might achieve more than what they have achieved until now. Of what I remember, this is their 2nd pivot.

First they focussed on personal data and keeping them safe in the cloud just in case your PC got crashed.

Then Dropbox focussed on images with features like Camera Upload.

Now they announced that app developers can backup AppData in Dropbox rather than iCloud, SkyDrive or any other platform limited cloud service.

Prior to this announcement, I didn’t find a reason why I should keep using Dropbox rather than using  which already provides 50 GB of cloud storage for free.

Now I see accepting the thought of paying for such service rather than paying for a service where you can save just your plain data in the cloud.

Apple on the other hand, with their iCloud service charge almost as much as other could backup services, if not more. Also, you can’t store plain files on iCloud which is a real pain. And it is a common sight watching warnings of iCloud storage getting filled up because they offer just a meagre 5 GB for free.

Dropbox offers app data sync and trivial file storage options at cheaper price than iCloud. It can become a true competitor to iCloud, only if, Apple doesn’t ban it as it did to others.

Dropbox can offer a cheaper option and with better features to sync your AppData. Also, Dropbox is available on almost all the platforms, be it Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android or Windows Phone. So, you can dream of syncing AppData between various platforms. This way, they solve yet another problem by not being platform limited (cough.. iCloud.. cough).

They have announced some new APIs and tools for app developers to ease this process and equip their apps with AppData Sync to Dropbox.

I am all excited about this announcement from Dropbox! Let’s see how it shapes up and how app developers take Dropbox into consideration.





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