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Car Tracking Devices are popular these days, and there are different varieties of tracking units available on the market. These automobile trackers vary in terms of features available, size, and much more, which causes the difference in price.

You will need to consider features of each and every device and make sure that the device you choose well matches your requirements.

Here, we have prepared a list of some of the best car tracking locator devices. Each of these devices is versatile and different in terms of size, price tag, and quality of features.

The GPS Tracker features latest GPS Satellite technology that makes sure the device works with unsurpassed accuracy. The pocket-friendly device is small in size and allows you to monitor the unit from computers, tablets and mobile phones via the Spy Tec GPS platform. You can be assured about your tracking history, since the company records tracking activities for up to a year. Also, it delivers customizable reports that can track speed, time, position, and so on.




The unit from Spy Tec is truly a remarkable piece that serves its purchase well. It is small enough to be used for multiple purposes; however, the web portal seems to be geared to tracking “drivers”. It is easy to setup, and you will receive text alerts and/or email alerts about speeding, braking, low battery, and among other information instantly. Geo-fencing and the SOS button is among the most notable features of the device.

The GPS Tracker from Sourcingbay is a nifty little device that will serve perfectly to take care of your auto tracking needs. The unit offers global positioning, real-time monitoring, vehicle locating and much more. It features a built-in 1500mAh battery and 12V DC charging socket to charge the battery.

You will need a regular size cell phone sim to get this device working and the sim card can be directly activated from the tracker. This unit is great to use on your car, since it even allows you to control cutting off power and oil by remote control.




The car tracker locator from Sourcingbay is great for all your needs of GPS Tracking. If it is hard for you to understand then keep it simple and it will work great. Unlike most GPS trackers, where it really stands out is its lack of any activation or subscription fees. At less than 50 bucks, it is fantastic value for money. It offers wide range of possibilities for a simple cost-effective GPS tracker.

The Car Tracker from Moto Safety is available in both OBD version and wired version. The device allows you to keep constant track of the location of your vehicle online and receive a daily report of the driving behavior. You can choose to receive continuous alerts about speeding, braking, locations, driving route and much more.

The device works perfectly once you have paid your monthly subscription fee. Plus, it comes with manufacturer’s limited lifetime device warranty.




The plug-and-play tracker is priced right and is a perfect device for you to keep track of your location, speed, GPS, and much more with constant email updates. The ability to access the device via mobile apps makes it all the more desirable and superb value for money. Just make sure that you are not violating anyone’s privacy with the use of this device. Also, GPS tracking laws vary from state-to-state, so, make sure it’s legal in your area.


Comparing the three products, Spy Tec Tracker is the best product on the list. It is the most expensive device here but is well worth the money. The high cost offers you a more accurate response, constant updates and alerts, and much more. You can simply place it under the car you want to track, and lay back while monitoring the device via company provided web portal.

If you have never tried a GPS Tracker and feel that the SpyTec Tracker is too expensive for you, you can always go with the Sourcingbay GPS tracker or the unit from MotoSafety. Sourcingbay is the unit that would definitely compete for the title of best car tracking device based on the features it offers for the price. All you need is a sim card and you are set to go. MotoSafety is a device designed just for cars, while others are multi-purposeful.

Make sure you have properly studied the features and weighed the pros and cons in order to make an informed decision.

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