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Vehicle trackers are must have accessories for every vehicle owner. You wouldn’t believe what these nifty little GPS trackers are capable of these days. Tracking Units aren’t just handy for GPS and location, but are also equipped to provide detailed driving reports, email updates and text message alerts for tampering, braking, etc.

These crafty units can help you keep constant track of your car, monitor your teen’s driving and much more. However, there are so many similar products on the market that choosing a single device is much harder than it needs to be.

We have taken on the task of reviewing some of the best Vehicle Tracking Solutions and prepared a list for you.

The first on our list of Vehicle Tracking Solutions is a real-time GPS Vehicle Tracker from Mobile Asset Solutions. This tracker can be used all over the USA and lowest monthly subscription available is $10.99. The device can be used with any internet enabled device and all you have to do is log on to the company’s website.

You also get a free month of service, which will require you to pay for a month of service. You don’t need to be bound by any long term contracts during this trial period and feel free to cancel the service anytime. You can purchase the device along with the packages that include battery backup, 12 months of basic service etc., but it will cost you extra.




This simple plug and play GPS Vehicle Tracker is an amazing little unit that offers you everything you would want in a tracker. Apart from the lack of app, only other complaint about the device has been its slight lack of precise service during prime time rush hour in the evening, but it is highly likely that you will not have to face the same problem in your area.

You can even set the device to provide you with real-time GPS updates every minute. Overall, it’s a superb product.

The second product on our list is the Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracking System, which can be instantly plugged into the OBD port of all vehicles manufactured since 1996. The company offers wide coverage in all 50 states. All you need to do to operate the GPS service is subscribe to company’s one of many monthly subscription plans. And, the device also comes with the lifetime device warranty offered by the manufacturer.

You can have the device whether in OBD style or Wired. It’s fantastic value for money.




Overall, it is a superb unit that does not require any external source of power since the power required comes directly from the car. The addition of mobile apps set it apart from similar products in its category. This cost efficient tracker won’t require you to spend hundreds of dollars and works amazingly with detailed reports about everything. You can choose your own monthly subscription based on the facilities you require.

MotoSafety offers a quality device at a reasonable price to track your vehicle at all times. Both OBD and Wired tracker is remarkably easy to setup and allows you to constantly view your vehicle locations online, also, you can receive a daily report of the driving behavior. You can set up the system to provide you with as many alerts as you want regarding speeding, harsh braking, locations, driving route and much more.




MotoSafety Vehicle tracker is a device that has been designed to keep your mind at ease with constant provision of driving reports and alerts about, pretty much, everything the car does on the road. The reports help the driver to monitor their driving behavior and become a better driver.

The plug-and-play tracker is priced right and is a perfect device for you to keep track of location, speed, GPS, and much more with constant email updates. The ability to access the device via mobile apps makes it all the more desirable and superb value for money.


All three products on the list are quite similar and have been equipped with similar features. Choosing one among the three might be daunting for some.

Taking a close look at the features, MasTrack OBD GPS Vehicle Tracker stands out as the best. It is the only product here that offers 1 free month of service and also offers variety of subscription packages instead of just one. You can be assured that it works on all vehicles after 96 and the service is top quality.

Both MotoSafety Tracker and Linxup Tracker offer mobile apps unlike the MasTrack Tracker, which is the only area where MasTrack falls short. Linxup offers a fantastic product and is great value for money but is second best here because of the few complaints that make us question its reliability. But, Linxup along with MotoSafety is fantastic value for money and you won’t regret your purchase.

You can never be too safe these days, and these devices help you keep track and monitor your loved ones’ driving habits. Make sure you study the pros and cons of each device to make an informed decision.

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