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Touch typing is an extremely useful skill that once learn (even for the “average” computer users) can really can speed things up because it saves a huge amount of time and effort.Another word that goes with touch typing is the keyboard layout which “defines” how the keys are arranged on a keyboard. Although QWERTY is the most widely used layout but there’s this other layout called Dvorak (which was invented a long time ago) that’s both more efficient and causes less stress on your fingers when compared with the Qwerty style.Some even say that the purpose of the Qwerty layout was to actually slow down the typing speed because the early days the type writers couldn’t keep up with the speed of the “ladies” who used hit them hard!, so they got broken frequently. And as a way of protecting the type-writer (by slowing down the typing speed) they invented Qwerty.The excellent “Klavaro!” :)…Now I certainly don’t know if this is 100% true but I too started with Qwerty first but then after hearing some cool things about Dvorak I decided to learn/switch to it and have been a happy dude ever since. But that’s not to say Qwerty sucks or something stupid like that since I know a lot of others who type extremely fast (when compared with me 🙂 ) using the Qwerty and they absolutely love it!.Now you can find a lot of both online and offline touch typing tutors. But most of the “offline” ones only work with MS Windows. So if you’ve been searching for a touch typing tutor that runs in Ubuntu (GNU/Linux actually) then that’s worth trying.Main features…*. It supports Qwerty, Dvorak layouts, Coleman and Alphagrips layouts.*. Includes an introduction lessons which gives you all the details such as correct finger positions, home key rows etc … excellent for beginners.Step by step, explains pretty much everything!…*. The Basic Course: After that little introduction, this course has lessons that helps you to remember the default finger positions. This consists of single letters mostly… which trains you for the a bit more hard upcoming courses afterward.*. Adaptability course: This includes random characters which is quite challenging because unlike typing words that you’re familiar with (the “mind-vocal” does help while typing you know :D) this makes sure that your hands are quite familiar with all the keys and their locations.*. Speed course: This includes more sensible individual words.*. Fluidity (final challenge!): This is the last one of the tests and it consists of sensible paragraphs.*. Displays outputs such as your accuracy, speed, current progress etc so you can track your progress.Concerning speed: Mine’s pretty much the average… so don’t kill yourself over it … gets better with time (and practice).You can install the Klavaro typing tutor in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 10.10 and 10.04 by using the below command in your Terminal window.sudo apt-get install klavaroThat’s it.Related Posts

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