Excellent Network Bandwidth Monitor for Ubuntu – NTM

If your Internet connection has a bandwidth limit then having installed a network bandwidth monitor is a must have. Ubuntu’s system monitor can let you monitor networks too but it does not keep a track of the data.Now there are few tools that you can use in Ubuntu but most of them are command-line based ones. But if you prefer a GUI tool .Main features…*. Monitors both Local and Internet networks (including the connection durations).*. Saves the data automatically thus you can retrieve them later.*. Shows daily, hourly, weekly, monthly bandwidth usage.*. Import/Export data.*. Change update intervals.*. Shows current transfer speed (both download and upload).*. Add/Remove network “slots”.*. A separate reports window.*. Notification support (for instance, when an application uses a network slot, it’ll give a notification).*. No need to run it with root-privileges.*. Threshold support: By using this feature we can easily set NTM to automatically disconnect when a certain usage limit is reached.*. Run in the notification area.*. Runs at start-up automatically (can be disabled).*. Supports Qt/KDE, Gnome, Xfce and Unity.You can install the Network Bandwidth Monitor (NTM) in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 10.10 and 10.4 (plus all the way down to 9.04!) by first downloading the “.deb” package from .Then as usual, double click on it to open using the Ubuntu Software Center which should take care things for you.I’d very much like to give a big thanks to the developer for creating it. Enjoy.Related Posts

An RHCE, ‘Linux’ user with 14+ years of experience. Extreme lover of Linux and FOSS. He is passionate to test every Linux distribution & compare with the previous release to write in-depth articles to help the FOSS community.You don’t know how happy I am to know there is GUI for Linux bandwidth monitoing, from your post. Thank you, I neet this in my Ubuntu. nice i was waiting for this long time any recommended app / package displaying realtime bw meter on notification bar ? does not work I wanted something that will monitor the entire LAN on only my system traffic This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. .Recent Posts

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