KTouch: Touch Typing Tutor for Kubuntu

KTouch is a

for the KDE users. Of course you can install it in other desktops too, such as in Ubuntu. However, since KTouch has Qt/KDE dependencies, in Ubuntu (or in any desktop environment other than KDE), it will install a lot of dependencies which feels like a bit of a burden because as non KDE users you don’t really need those packages anyway.But KDE users won’t have that issue because lot of those packages should already be installed by the KDE desktop. Anyhow, it’s written using Qt toolkit, gives you a lot of options and supports a huge number of keyboard layouts (), built in audio bells and the UI is also a pleasure to use as well.Few other features …*. Has especially built in lessons for each . You can also load lesson manually.Has paragraphs too (in the last few lessons) …*. Edit the built in lessons.*. Pause lessons (you can switch to any lesson that you want, which is disabled in most other tutors).*. Shows you the current typing speed, accuracy, current lesson number, character count and few other details on its main window.*. Has a statics window that shows you: your average typing speed, accuracy, letters that you need

(calculated based on your errors) speed graphs (a useful feature as you can see your progress with ease) and a few more other details.*. You can also use its “Options” window to tweak other settings such as: changing the fonts, change the character sliding speeds (when you type), add goals (desired speed, accuracy etc), enable/disable the on-screen keyboard (it is bettor to disable it as it’s sort of a distraction), enable/disable audio bells, change color settings (including few built in color themes) etc.*. Supports using multiple user accounts.*. Automatic resuming from the last lesson.You can install KTouch in both Ubuntu and Kubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 12.04 Precise Pangolin, 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 10.10 and 10.04 by typing the below commands in your Terminal window.sudo apt-get install ktouchYup, that’s it.Again, concerning non-KDE users, I think you would be better off with other typing tutors

(which is awesome btw!), if you don’t like to load your system with unnecessary libraries.But for the KDE users, it’s a pretty excellent typing tutor nonetheless. Enjoy!.Related Posts

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