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Free online video hosting services have changed a lot of things. For good or the bad they’ve shown how “useful” they can be. For instance, rather than having stored all your multimedia collection on your computer, if you upload them to an online video hosting service (say YouTube for instance) …Then no matter where you are or what OS that you use, as long as you have a an Internet connection with a reasonable , you can access them with ease. So it’s no surprise why within such a short period these type of services have became extremely popular.Anyway, whether your reasons are, if you’re addicted to these type of services to listen to free music and use Google Chrome as your web browser, then wouldn’t it be nice if there’s an extension that lets you easily fetch and display lyrics of the currently playing song ?Supports few major online audio/video sharing services …There’s actually a bloody awesome Chrome Extension called “Lyrics for Google Chrome” that does exactly that.Features…*. It supports popular free online multimedia hosting and streaming services such as: YouTube, Grooveshark, and Google Music.*. Automatically fetches the lyrics of your currently playing song.*. You can choose to display the lyrics either to the current window, in a new tab or in a small popup window.*. Manually search for lyrics.Well that’s about it for the features.How to use it?1. Pretty simple actually. Let’s say that I was listening to a song in YouTube, then once inside the appropriate song URL you should see a small icon in your URL bar (as in below screen shot).2. Just click on this icon and it’ll start fetching the lyrics (depending on the name it may not always find the lyrics, but most of the time it does! plus as said above you can always manually search as well).And then display the lyrics to your right (depending on your settings the displaying “location” will change).As said, you can change this display location using the extension’s settings page…That it!. If interested, you can get it from .Related PostsSorry, no posts were found.

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