‘Moo0 VideoToAudio’: Converts & Extracts the Audio Stream inside a Video (for Windows)

Though a multimedia file that consists of a video and an audio track (for instance) looks like a single file, but in reality, inside, it holds two (or more) of these streams, separately. And because of that, there are tools out there that let you simply extracts the preferred multimedia stream (known as; “direct stream copy”) without having to convert it (“JetAudio” is a popular program).So if you have a lot of video files in different formats (“containers”) such as in MPG, , OGM, AVI, MP4 etc and looking for

and extract the audio file into a lot of other popular formats used today, then you should  try “Moo0 VideoToAudio”.However, it has this single drawback. And that is, it cannot simply extract the audio without converting it first. If you want to extract the audio inside into a different format or into the same format but using different bit-rate, sample rate or audio channels etc, then sure, one must encode it first.But, let’s say that (as mentioned in the first paragraph) I just wanted to extract the audio inside, as it is, “Moo0 VideoToAudio” will still encode it, and depending on the run-time of the video file (plus the the performance of your computer), it can take a reasonable amount of time too.So, let’s hope that in the future they’ll include it as a feature :).Main features …*. One thing that I love about it is, it’s a very user friendly utility because of the simple UI design. You just drag-n-drop a file into its window and it’ll start to convert it right away and will save the output audio stream inside the source file’s location.But of course, if you’re a power user, then it has an “Advanced Options” button that gives you access into a reasonable amount of features as well.*. Supports a huge number of multimedia container formats. Such as: MPG, AVI, MP4, , OGV, MOV, VOB, TS, WMV, FLV, ASF and more!.*. Converts the audio into: MP3, OGG Vorbis, WAV, FLAC, RA (real audio), AC3, AIFF, AU, AMR, ALAC etc.*. Change the output audio settings from the above mentioned “Advanced Options” section (otherwise the output file will have the same attributes as the one inside the source video) such as: Bitrate, Sample Rate, channels (Stereo/Mono) and lets you .*. Can be easily controlled by using the mouse buttons. Right-click will make it change between the “advanced options” and the “minimal” settings window. If you click on the mouse wheel, it’ll exit. But of course, you can enable/disable these features.That’s pretty much it.If interested, you can get it from .So if you’re okay with not being able to “direct copy” the audio stream, and looking for a simple & user friendly tool that can be used in Windows, then “Moo0 VideoToAudio” still is a very useful tool. Enjoy!.Related Posts

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