MooSick: Free Music Player (Manager) for Windows

“MooSick” is an open source music management utility () for the Windows platform. It uses “MPlayer” as the playback engine and the UI is written using the Qt toolkit.And as you can see from the below , it’s a pretty simple looking application but has few built in audio Equalizer presets, web search option and few other features that can be useful while managing a larger collection of audio files.It has a tool-bar with playback icons (disabled by default), but you cannot remove the default playback buttons that have text labels in them. I find them to be annoying sometimes, they look too big.Currently it doesn’t let you , so if it’s one of your concerns, then perhaps might wanna avoid “MooSick”. But that being said, for a simple and somewhat a , it looks pretty good.Few main features …*. Supports almost all the popular audio playback thanks to the “MPlayer” back-end (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, FLAC, AAC, WMA etc) and heck, I even dragged a video song and it even played the audio track! (without the video).*. Add folders or individual songs (file drag-n-drop is supported).*. Shows the audio meta-data while playing but as said you cannot edit them.*. Search for songs (fast search times).*. Search using the Web.*. You can add additional tool-bars to the main window using the “Windows” menu. And except for the “search” and song list windows, all the other sub windows can be move to anywhere you want (including detaching from the main window).*. Shuffle playlist items.*.

while playback.*. As mentioned above, has few built in Equalizer presets such as: Live, Karaoke, Phones, Power etc  (cannot add one manually though).*. Displays notification messages when starting a song.*. One annoying this is that, we cannot remove the “details” from the playlist window’s title-bar (Title, Artist, ID, Album etc).By default it shows a large number of details that aren’t really necessary for most users, having the ability to remove items from the title-bar would’ve been very useful and it also makes the that ‘details-bar’ very long too.*.

… are some of its main features to mention.If interested you can get it from .Related Posts

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