Batch Raw Image Converter for Ubuntu Linux – RawStudio!

Whether it’s a scanner, digital camera or whatever the device that you use, a raw image is the result of a minimally processed image (also known as an uncompressed image). They usually have “huge” file sizes (in comparison of course) and aren’t quite production ready either.There are many reasons why converting them into a lossy format makes sense and one main reason is to reduce that file size, without losing the quality at all. But how is that possible?, shouldn’t it lose the quality as we “encode” it?Well it does. But since there are many details on a RAW image where human eye simply cannot see so the converter just removes those details and reduce the size (although under aggressive compression the quality can reduce dramatically). There are many popular image codecs are available such as : JPG or PNG.The sample Raw image is via:moosepeterson.comSo if you’re a photographer who deals with Raw images and looking for a tool that lets you convert them into other formats in Ubuntu,

pretty handy little application.Main features…*. A clean interface written in GTK+ toolkit.*. Supports converting into lossy JPEG, PNG and TIFF (both 8bit and 16 bit) formats with manual resolution levels and quality settings.*. Add profiles (you know with few different color settings, effects etc).*. Shows basic info about the source Raw image such as: Focal length, shutter speed, ISO standard, time taken etc.*. Export into GIMP photo editor.*. Split the view.*. Supports batch Raw image conversion.*. Change White balance, Saturn, Hue, Contrast, etc.*. Add denoise effects and sharpen images.*. Cropping.*. Change converting priority.*. A preference window for tweaking few other settings.*. Add/Edit image tags are among the main features to mention.You can install RawStudio in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 10.10 and 10.04 by using the below command in your terminal window.sudo apt-get install rawstudioThat should do it.Related Posts

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