Tux Football: A 2D Football Game for Ubuntu Linux & Windows

If you’re a Football lover and looking for a free football game that you can play under Ubuntu Linux and MS Windows, then “Tux Football” is a pretty awesome game that you should check out. However, it’s a pretty basic game (2D only) and won’t give you any fancy 3D effects etc, so keep that in mind.But, that being said, “Tux Football” (completely free) has some nicely developed graphics and looks really beautiful nonetheless. I don’t know if it supports joysticks, but playing it

getting used to, but after you get familiar with it, well what can I say, it put me out me boredom! ;-).Main features …*. Supports multiplayer game play (2 at most I think) or if you’re on your own, then you can challenge your dumb computer (though my Core i3 turned out to be quite smarter than me ;-)).*. Change the “Half-Play” duration. The default is 1 minute which is far too short for any action to take place (to change the values, simply choose “Half Length” from the main menu, and use your “left/right” arrow keys to increase or decrease the duration).*. Runs in a Windowed mode and currently there’s no full screen mode available.*. Change keyboard shortcuts.*. Audio track plays from the background (including “boo” from the fans when …, I’d rather not talk about it! ;-)).*. Shows the scorecard and the time left to play.That’s it!.If interested you can install “Tux Football” in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin and 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot (other versions are not yet supported) by simply typing the below command in your Terminal window.sudo apt-get install tuxfootballFor MS Windows users, please visit

to get the executable (it also has a 64-bit “.deb” build that might work in older versions of Ubuntu such as 11.04, 10.10 and 10.04, but you won’t be able to use it in 32 bit versions though).How to launch it?Simple, just search for “tuxfootball” in Unity’s Dash OR simply open your Terminal window and enter the below command.tuxfootballQuick keyboard shortcuts …The default player can use four arrow-keys to move around; left, right, up and down (plus you can combine two keys for angles as well).The “left Ctrl” key is used for the “kick” and the “left Shift” key is used for the “long pass”.And the longer you hold down any of those keys,  more power you add to your kicks. When the other team has the ball, you can use those two keys for tackling. The player closest to the ball is automatically selected, it’s actually pretty intuitive.As a minor issue, the game won’t show you a map of the ground (which otherwise is pretty useful for doing things like, finding the whereabouts of the “net” for example).Other than that, in simple terms, if you’re bored and looking for a quick and dirty way out ;-), then “Tux Football” might just be the right tool that you need (even if you don’t have a “thing” for football, what?!, kidding :D). Enjoy!.Related Posts

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