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Comcast Interfering in P2P Traffic



Fri, 26 Oct 2007 06:00:41 +0000



There is a lot of debate going on around Comcast. The company is accused of utilizing an aggressive king of traffic shaping, which impersonates P2P clients and forces their computers to disconnect. It is interesting to note that Comcast has legal back up through the terms of use that say the company reserves the privilege of refusing to “upload, post, publish, transmit or store” any bit of info that appears to be in violation of the terms of use and that is considered undesirable.

On the other hand, many individuals appear to combat the decision of impersonating users’ computers because we might be faced with an illegal action. In many states we can see that there are different laws against impersonation. For instance in New

York we have the penal code describing the crime of “criminal impersonation in the second degree”. This particular section might come in contrast with Comcast’s behavior.

One thing that is interesting is that many companies have reported the fact that they are considering legal action against this behavior. Comcast did reply to the attacks and stated that the company does not block user access to online applications or web sites, including P2P services like BitTorrent. They also claim that they want to provide a good user Internet experience and the latest technologies are utilized in order to make the customers enjoy the applications. Unfortunately for Comcast, one executive inside the company did declare to The New York Times that they are manipulating traffic by using data management technologies, which aim to conserve bandwidth. P2P traffic is delayed according to this anonymous source.

Whatever the case really is, it must be top priority for Comcast to deal with this problem because they will soon face legal charges if it is proved that they are somehow impersonating users’ computers or they are interfering on Internet traffic in a damaging way.




Cyber Bullying – A Reality in Schools and Outside Them



Mon, 24 Sep 2007 12:34:05 +0000



The problem of cyber bullying is getting out of hand and it forced the American government to issue guidelines aimed at helping schools handle this problem. There are many individuals affected by this problem and although one school can be safe, cyber bullying goes beyond the actual confines of the institution. We can now see bullying taken to a whole new level with the introduction of online messages on social networks or via email. It is very important to know how to handle the problem because cyber bullying is simply another form of regular bullying.

The problem with cyber bullying stands in the fact that it is usually much stronger than regular bullying. When you are face to face with a bully, his treats will not be as strong as the ones offered from the confinements of being behind a computer. We are constantly witnessing cases of threats of all kinds via Internet use. The good news is that technology can help as cyber bullies can be tracked down. It is hard to track all the people involved but with a good investigation everyone can be discovered. On the other hand, there is a need for those aggressed to understand how to deal with the situation. If you get cyber bullied, it is very important to gather as much information as possible, including saving e-mails and even using print screen features of a computer.

The American Government will launch a campaign next week, aimed to make young people think twice before encouraging cyber bullying. Social networking sites will also aid with posting different educational videos that shows what to do in the case of being bullied. So, if you face yourself with being intimidated, harassed, threatened or cyber stalked be sure to gather as much information as possible and talk with your parents, teachers or even the police if things get more serious.




Found a fix for WordPress and safari 3



Fri, 17 Aug 2007 17:28:26 +0000



I found a fix for the infamous paragraph/Safari 3 issue.

Basically, before you do this fix, when you write in wordpress, it will come up as one big clump of words, after you publish it.

Here’s how you fix it (You will lose some features, but it will work for now).

1. sign into the admin panel for wordpress.

2. click on users –> your profile.


4. Save Changes.

now, the rich text editor is gone, so if you want to make major edits, knowing html helps. but if you just want the regular font, etc. this will

be fine. there are some buttons and stuff at the top, so you don’t lose all the features. It just works a little differently.




Spec’s and Prices of Wal-Mart’s New Dells



Wed, 06 Jun 2007 09:40:04 +0000



I have just read an anonymous tip regarding the two new Dell desktops Wal-Mart will be carrying starting Sunday. I have no idea if it is true ir not but the infomation is claim to have been read straight of the box. The information seems to be consistent with what has been said by Michael Dell. The first systems price point is said to be at $698 Windows Vista Home Premium model E521B-001W sporting a 19-inch “E197FPB” LCD monitor, dual-core Athlon 64 X2 3600+ processor, 2x 512MB (1GB total) DDR2 667MHz memory, 320GB SATA disk, Integrated GeForce 6150LE graphics,56k PCI Data Fax Modem a 16x DVD +/-RW optical drive, USB keyboard and mouse, 13-in-1 media card reader, 10/100 Ethernet, integrated 7.1 channel sound. For comparison sake, that’s about $50 cheaper than a Dell Dimension E521 configured on-line with the “exact” same components only with a 19-inch widescreen SE198WFP LCD which is faster, brighter,

features higher contrast and seems to be a better deal all round than the Wal-Mart E197FPB .

The second system is a $498 E521SA-001W offered sans monitor and a 250GB disk — exactly $1 cheaper than a similarly spec’d E521. So, if the specs are to be believed, then it’s a wash in terms of pricing. I can’t say i expected to much more, Dells profit margin can’t be all that high on any of there machines.




Sony Screw For $80?



Fri, 25 May 2007 14:54:52 +0000



How would you like to pay $80 to be screwed by Sony?

Well it looks like someone did. This screw is a genuine Sony screw and was clocked up at

61EUR, or roughly US$80. Now that might sound a little expensive, but remember it is a genuine Sony screw.

Only Sony can screw people like this and get away with it.




For Serious iPod Users? – iMultiMix 8 USB



Thu, 12 Apr 2007 10:47:00 +0000



If you are really serious about your iPod then you may want to start mixing your own music. Well this has more buttons and knobs then any iPod I have ever seen so it should come in very handy.

Seriously who really wants to mix music on their iPod? I have seen a lot of people that love their iPods but I think this is taking it too far. This thing will mix 8 channels only to drop it down to 2 for your stereo iPod. When it comes to the world of iPod accessory it is sometimes hard to see the forest from the trees but in this case I can see the forest a mile away and nowhere in the distance do I see myself or any iPod user ever wanting to hook their MP3 play up to one of these thing.




Vista – The New Black Or Standard Microsoft Beta Ware?



Fri, 23 Mar 2007 12:03:01 +0000



In time I will do a full on review of Vista but for now I have way to much work to do on this site and working my day job. But for now here are my thoughts on why I think it is far from what Microsoft had first intended it to be and why it may just be the nail in the coffin for the big M.

First off this is just my opinion. It is a fairly educated opinion as I have been following the while Vista debacle since day one.

Back in the early days of Longhorn (Vista’s code name while in development) Microsoft were very quick to tell every body how good, cutting edge and a head of it’s time it will be and yes it was back in 2001 but now in 2007 it has become old school in big way. It was always intended to come out with a whole new file system to the replace prehistoric NTFS file system and was going to revolutionize the world.

Well now the dust has settled and people have leaned once more that the sales pitch in development stages is as far from the truth that anyone will ever get.

Vista has now shipped with none of the “awesome” features that Microsoft promised back in the day. All we have received for our HUGE! Amount of patience’s is nothing like we were promised. To be truly honest it is barley a shell of what it could have been and in my opinion should have been

Having said all that, Microsoft have still delivered a very impressive product. Straight away you can tell that they have had huge influences from Macintosh’s OSX but still retained its Windows charm. If that is to try and cover up the huge Mac influence or because they wanted to do something’s in there own way we will never know.

One thing is for sure and that is it’s damn pretty to look at and comes with some long a waited security features but still I think with the time they had for development they could have rebuilt the pyramids and still produced something better then what is on the store shelf’s today.

Okay, now for the one that really rubs me the wrong way. The piracy protection system that only gives you two installs per key. Now that is a joke. You might get away with that on something like a Mac or Linux but we are talking about an OS that self destruct every six months and the only cure is a good old fashion format and reinstall. But wait theirs more. They have now implemented a points system that monitors you hardware. If you hardware changes you will gain points if you have received enough points you will need to reactivate Windows. The points system works on a set amount of point per component. So for example if you do a standard upgrade on your desktop you will get X amount of points for each piece of hardware you replace. I don’t know what the exact point count is for each component but I have head that a motherboard and graphics card replacement will cause Window Genuine Advantage (WGA) to ask you to reactivate.

Now I think you can see why I think Microsoft have shoot them self’s in the foot here. Not only have they made it so you will have to buy several copy’s of an OS in it’s life time but they have jacked the price up to the point where almost no one can afford even the cheapest edition, which by the way comes with absolutely none of the features that are worth an upgrade to Vista from XP.

So what

I am trying to say is that Vista have gone from a “Home” product to a corporate/high end enthusiast market.

What does that leave for you average person who spends a very small amount of time on there computer a day?


Considering Microsoft’s position in the market these day’s I think they are crazy to tempt there customers to even start thinking about changing OS. Linux is becoming more and more user friendly. Mac’s are “cool” and then take into account security aspect of the two OS’s.

From my point of view Microsoft are doing there customers a favor by driving them into a much better OS that has none of the flaws of Windows and every Advantage and more of Vista.

I hope that at the end of reading this you don’t think I’m just another “Microsoft Basher”. I myself have only ever had Windows as my main OS and for what it’s worth I think that XP is in its prime right now. It has been battle hardened and has been around the block a few times. There is allot to be said for coming from the school of hard knocks and XP has been there, done that and got the patches to prove it. XP was heavily based on Windows 2000 which in its own right was one of the best versions of Windows. Microsoft then added a spiffy new interface and released it as XP. Vista’s down fall is that they have allot of “virgin” feature’s that will need to be pounded on for a few months/years before it is anywhere near the strength of XP.

I look forward your comments.




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