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Two New Dell Precision Models Announced

By Robert | January 9, 2008

Dell comes to the table with a new generation of workstations. They come equipped with the new Intel 45 nm Xeon processors and their names are the Precision T5400 and Precision T700. We all know how successful the Precision line has been in the past 8 years and it is safe to assume that Dell is trying to continue the tradition. Every single configuration of the two new Precision workstations will come with quad-core 5200 and 5400 Xeon processors and we can notice the fastest configuration appearing at 3.2 GHZ, with the processor running on a 1600 MHZ front side bus.

The new Precision models come with dual-processor sockets and dual PCI Express 2.0 x16 graphics slots for people that need high power in their graphics solutions. We have the T7400 getting up to 1600 MHz while the T5400 is a little weaker at just 1333 MHz. Although it is still not on the workstations, in the future we can also expect the T7400 coming with 16 memory slots that will be coupled with 8GB DIMM RAMs. This means that the total maximum memory capacity we will be faced with stands at a very good looking 128 GB.

According to Antonio Julio, Dell Precision workstation marketing director, the new Dell workstations will provide customers with a perfect environment for special applications and requirements of maximum performance. The new system come with the fastest Intel processors, huge memory capacities, massive scalability and high end OpenGL according to Julio.

Energy efficiency is also possible due to the fact that the power supplies included come with 80 percent efficiency. The two new models are also qualified for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Standard 4.0 certification. Basically we are dealing with two very promising workstations that will surely continue the legacy offered by Dell with the Precision line.





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