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40 GB PlayStation 3 with 65 nm?

By Robert | November 15, 2007

Sony and Microsoft are currently playing a game of not letting users now what process technology ends up utilized in their game consoles. This is where gamers kick in and immediately let us know the exact revisions that are noticed in Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Sony’s PlayStation 3 on the other hand is not that easy to read. The new 40 GB model is bringing a debate whether or not it is utilizing 65nm technology or not. Well, the answer to that question might not be a simple yes or no.

An interview with Kazuo Hirai might have shed some light on the subject. He is the president of SCEI and according to him there is a need to use 65nm process when dealing with the Cell Broadband Engine utilized in the new PS3. Such a fact would immediately explain why the console consumes less energy. For those of you that are not aware, the new 40 GB PS3 consumes 100 Watts less when used to its maximum power and compared with 90nm Cell Broadband Engine consoles. On the other hand, as we see the CPU changing to 65nm, the GPU remained the same. According to Kazuo Hirai, the RSX chip used is still running with 90nm process. As expected, no news or hint of a possibility of changing the GPU to 65 nm appeared in the interview.

The new 40 GB PlayStation 3 model seems to be a little more popular, supporting an output noise of just 60 dB, thus being the quietest PS3 yet. This is probably going to help when using the game console as a Blu-Ray Disc player or when listening to a Super Audio CD (capability obtained from bringing PS2 backwards into the new PS3). One thing we did find out though is that the new 40 GB SKU will be utilized on the entire PS3 game consoles line in the future, with full backwards compatibility not being manufactured anymore.





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