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Free Wii Remote Jackets for Customers

By Robert | October 3, 2007

Third Party Wii accessory companies will be annoyed by this but Nintendo recently announced that they will offer Wii Remote Jackets to console owners for free. They are especially designed for the Wii Remote and come with a special silicon cover that is aimed to protect the device in case it gets dropped by mistake while playing games.

We recently noticed a lot of similar accessories on the market. Now we also have an official product and best of all it comes free of charge. George Harrison, senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications at Nintendo of America stated that the company is always looking to improve their products and deliver a safe and fun experience to all users. He also said that a lot of manufacturers provide similar covers for different products like PDAs or mobile phones.

We have noticed quite a lot of reports that the console flew out of the hands of gamers. Early batches of Nintendo Wii came with special writs straps that were not that strong and we still had a problem. Later the company offered free replacements and made the new straps harder. Now we have another solution, one that will not damage the remote in the case it is dropped and again, everything is free. Nintendo sure seems to know how to deliver and how to deal with problems as soon as they appear. The company tries to keep customers happy and they are doing quite a great job. On the other hand, Nintendo was sued over a defective wrist strap last December and although they claimed the lawsuit was something unnecessary and wrong, it does seem like the company aims to avoid such problems in the future. We know have an updated wrist strap and a special Wii Remote cover that is aimed to protect the environment. All seems to be going for the best with Nintendo.





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