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Microsoft and Toshiba do not have an Agreement concerning HD DVD

By Robert | October 26, 2007

Some time ago, Australian web site Smarthouse announced that they had inside info from Toshiba that the company is working with Microsoft in order to develop an Xbox 360 version that will come with an incorporated HD DVD drive. This piece of news started quite a debate across the internet because Microsoft said that they will never include an HD DVD drive in the Xbox 360 because of the fact it would be too expensive for the regular user and also DVD material is still perfect for the current generation of games so HD DVD is not needed. On the other hand, the new Xbox machine that was rumored was supposed to be more than for gaming purposes, turning into a home media box.

Now the problem seems to be solved because Toshiba stood out and denied the existence of such collaboration with Microsoft. It was also stated that the company knows that Microsoft does not want to put in an HD DVD drive in order to not limit user experience. So, Toshiba further emphasized on what Microsoft already said in the past.

On the other hand, we can not trust anything we hear around. We are currently experiencing price falls when talking about HD DVD hardware so it is possible for Microsoft to add such a drive to the Xbox360 and the extra charge would not be as high. Also, the inclusion of an HD DVD drive would directly impact Sony PlayStation 3′s Blu-Ray Disk playback capabilities. We also did see Microsoft including HDMI in all new Xbox 360 consoles and this would work beautifully with a full HD DVD drive add-on.

There is a huge possibility that we will see HD DVD included in Microsoft Xbox 360 in the future although the company is strongly denying that. We will just have to wait and see how things go.





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