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New PlayStation 2 Model Hits Japan

By Robert | November 8, 2007

Sony is faced with a need to hang on to their highly popular PlayStation 2 gaming console since the PS3 is not doing that great. With this in mind it is clear to see why the company announced a new hardware revision for their PS2. It does seem that it will be similar with the Slimline gaming console available on the market at the moment but will come with one big variation in design. It seems that the power supply will now be placed inside the unit as compared with the current models that have an external power element glued to the main unit.

The new model will be labeled as SCPH-90000 and will be heavier because of the add-on consisting of the PSU. We will thus have an increase in weight of 120 grams as opposed with the SCPH-79000, which weighs in at 600 grams. If you think that this is too much you should keep in mind that we are still noticing an improvement when compared with the first ever PlayStation 2 Slimline model that weighs 900 grams. Another interesting aspect that might make space freaks very happy stands in the fact that we are noticing an improved vertical stand, which means you will have to purchase a smaller footprint that is sold separately for around $13.

Now let us get to the rumors that are not yet confirmed. We are hearing a lot about the possibility of the new PS2 to appear in US next year at a very interesting price of $99 but this is highly unlikely since we are noticing that the current selling price in Japan is around $140, so it is unchanged. If you care about the color, the PlayStation 2 SCPH-90000 model can be purchased in white, silver or black.





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