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UPDATE: Woohoo, I finally got my pay! All is right in the world.

So I didn’t get paid this payday. Imagine excitingly checking you bank account and finding that there’s nothing there. Zilch. Not a damn new penny in sight.

It’s really weird cause this is the second time it happened. The last time I got around $60 more and I expected them to deduct that but I didn’t think they would wipe out everything! But it’s not just me, some received double the amount of what they’re supposed to get and some got deductions. Others are like me, the luckiest of all who received zero.

The HR department said that it has something to do with the bank, with files not being updated and what not but dude, this is our livelihood your conveniently screwing up.

I’m flat broke and really needed my salary, bills don’t just go away even if you ask them nicely. Aside from that, I have expenses from the other stuff that I’m not ready to talk about. Now we’re not just underpaid, we’re NOT frickin’ paid. Why am I working again? Oh yeah, to get paid.

I currently have 500 pesos and converted that’s around $12. Now I have to figure out how to make that last until I get my damn salary back. I should really practice my beggar pose.

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Ok. that SUCKS! Especially ifu have bills to pay! Argh!!!


that sucks! i hate it when that happens. i hope they pay you asap!

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hey … may update na pala he he … goody goody moolah!

zerovoltage’s last blog post..


Ow.. It sucks not getting paid when you expect them to do so. But it’s great that you got the money na..

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Yup! I have so much bills to pay…my cellphone line got disconnected because I wasn’t able to pay on time! grrr.


Aw Ate, that’s not fair to you or your colleagues! Gah! But atleast you got paid already.

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oh mabuti at naibigay na sahod mo minsan nakakainis talaga syempre excited ka tuwing darating payday tapos sabay madedelay pala really suck

nga pala hindi mo na ba itutuloy payperpost mo? sayang din

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balak ko nga eh…di ko lang maasikaso. Pero sayang nga yung oppurtunity! May account na nga ako dun, this weekend ayusin ko siya, and nabasa ko na yung mga pp posts niyo ni kitty kaya medyo may idea nako on how it works

Thanks for reminding me sis!


Tenenenen-tenen! Libre!


Mahirap-hirap nga naman kung minsan na papasok ka sa office, sasakay ka sa elevator, bubugtong-hininga kahihintay ng payday, at pagdating ng takdang araw…

Boom, it became Koko Krunch.

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