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November 6, 2007 |

As I am being a tad secretive about what’s keeping me busy this past few weeks, I’m just going to answer this tag, one of many other tags that I have to answer, I’m gonna get to them soon

So here goes,

passed on this meme in which I have to write seven truths about me. I don’t know if these seven facts are interesting or not and if you feel you wasted your precious time reading my boring truths…oh well, hehe.


I’ve been single for quite sometime now. Count years. It is by choice in a way cause I’m really choosy but part of that I’d have to blame on my bad taste in people cause I’ve been having that streak lately, ick.

2. I haaate ketchup. And when I say hate I mean icky, vomiting hatred. I can’t even stand the smell of it and I don’t want it anywhere near my plate when I’m eating. My friends love to torture me over it.

3. When I’m bored I search through Wikipedia to read about stuff I’ve never heard before or a person/thing/etc that I’m curious about. Geeky pastime but I like it.


I have a heart condition. It’s really nothing serious or life threatening but it can be a nuisance at times. It’s called

or simply MVP.

5. I tend to be really secretive and you won’t even know I’m being one. I have this what you see is what you get vibe that fools a lot of folks

I’m often judged as a fluffy bunny a lot and I don’t often correct that presumption since they don’t often believe me anyway.

6. I am a supporter of Gay and Lesbian rights and I believe that they should be treated equal in terms of respect, among others. I hate hearing the word fag as a way to describe a gay person.

7. My all time guilty pleasures are romance books. I love reading them! But I heard that there’s a study somewhere that states that people who read romance books tend to be a lot more idealistic when it comes to love hence being too choosy when it comes to relationship. Uh oh. Add this up to the things to blame in my #1.

So that’s it! Now I have to pass this on to 10 lucky bloggers and I have to give the rules:

1. Mention the person who tagged you and create a link back to them.

2. Pick 10 others you would like to get to know better.

3. Let them know you’ve tagged them by leaving a comment on their blog.

4. And don’t forget to give them the rules.

It’s that simple.

You got tagged!

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Don’t worry (for those of you who is actually worrying ), I’d soon blog about my current secret…I just don’t want to mess everything up by jinxing it. If it’s that important to you you tend to follow those superstition thingies that you laugh over with your friends

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thanks for answering the tag Rad. Ako din hate ko yung tinatawag na faggot, fag or whatever ang mga gays. Ska i hate ketchup too pero nato-tolerate ko naman

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— November 7, 2007 @

mine’s up and here’s one for ya…

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— November 7, 2007 @

i kinda hate ketchup too, but not as much as you do ;P tomato is ok for me … i don’t like banana ketchup ;P

it’s good that you know about your heart condition, at least you know what to avoid. how’d you get diagnosed?

i just beat you on commenting first about this ;P

i’ll do it may be next week, thanks for considering me for the tag

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— November 8, 2007 @

I’m a social smoker so when I go out, I smoke…sometimes a lot. It’s a bad habit I’m planning to get rid off. After a night out I woke up the next day having chest pains, it’s not a heart attack but it just hurts and I didn’t know why. I was worried for my lungs so I went to a doctor to get an xray and it turned out that my lungs were fine, but I have MVP (I did the 2d echo thing) which was there since birth. But like I said, it’s not life threatening but I should avoid drinking, smoking, caffeine, frequent late nights and anything that can affect my heart rate because that will cause palpitations and chest pains…but I won’t die from it. It’s just inconvenient.

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— November 8, 2007 @

wow, that must have been quite scary at the time.

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— November 9, 2007 @

hi rad.

I like item # 6. I have lots of gay friends too and I like the way they are very transparent with how they feel. walang halong kaplastikan sila and yes they should be treated equally.

kuku’s last blog post..

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— November 21, 2007 @

did it!

zerovoltage’s last blog post..

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— November 23, 2007 @

I do number #3 too and I have tons of geeky hobbies (like dictionary word hunting/browsing lol)

MVP is very common. 1 in 20 women have it..but I’m sure you know that all ready (with the wikipedia thing and all) lol I have a friend with MVP.

I hate it when people use fag too. My friends still use it somewhat liberally, I’m still trying to balance chastising them without being a total killjoy.

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— December 1, 2007 @

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