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A Tale of Three Kitties

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A Tale of Three Kitties

October 14th, 2007 by Rad

About two years ago, I woke up surprisingly early than everyone else at home because I heard little kittens crying. I didn’t mind it at first cause I assumed the neighbors just had new litters but the mewing

became nagging and more erratic, as if they were crying in pain. I went outside to investigate where the mewing was coming from and what I saw was heartbreaking.

In a plastic bag, tied tightly in a barbed wire were three new born kittens, left there to die by its owners because they didn’t want to take the responsibility.

They were so little and if I woke up later like normal, I wouldn’t hear any kittens crying because they’d be dead. I remember it to be stifling hot that day and when I opened the bag, I felt hot air steaming out. I don’t know if I’m exaggerating, but I am telling it from what I remember.

I quickly brought the kittens home, I didn’t know if I can help them survive but at least I can try. All I know is that they deserve a chance to live. I placed them in a shoe box and figured out a way on how to feed them cause they can’t eat on their own yet. Good thing I saw a medicine drop and made them a milk formula, I didn’t know if they can survive eating cow’s milk but I had no choice since they needed to eat immediately. After a few tries they finally figured out that the medicine drop I’m giving them is their food and they finally started eating. I adopted them from that they on.

I named them Ming-Ming, Meow-Meow (because they look like twins) and Blackie (for his Black and White fur coat). The kittens survived until they can jump, claw, run and finally eat regular food. I think they wouldn’t have survived if they weren’t together to keep each other company. And my dog Cotton was very careful with them, he would always let them climb all over him when he’s lying down. Sometimes I see them pretending to be breastfeeding on Cotton and it was bittersweet because I was glad we raised a dog as loving as him who would let three defenseless little kittens do that despite the fact that they were supposed to be bitter enemies. But it was sad the kittens would have to pretend to be breastfeeding on him because they never grew up with their mother.

Sadly, only Ming-Ming survived ’till this day. Blackie was hit by a stupid taxi driver and Meow-Meow got sick after giving birth to little kittens of her own. Despite that, my mom told me they were still lucky to have lived as they did, surrounded with affection when they were casted away with such cruelty. I’m glad I was able to give them that even if they had a short life span.

I’m telling you guys all this to support a cause. If the cat owner spayed his cat he wouldn’t have to reduce himself to murder by leaving innocent kittens to die in the stifling heat. If you’re not sure what spaying or neutering is you may read about it

but basically it is a way of helping you pets to keep from re-producing and thus preventing instances of strays and abandoned new born animals. The procedure may sound complicated and scary, but it’s really helpful…especially for owners who isn’t ready to take care of any more pets.

Also, if you are thinking of getting a pet of your own, please consider adopting rather than buying one from a breeder or pet store. Believe it or not, pets know when they are abandoned (they have that sad look on their face) and they also know when someone is there to adopt him. Imagine how grateful this animal would feel when he is given another chance to be a companion, he’s going to be your friend for life. So please, visit your local shelter and pound first before paying big bucks to a breeder. In Manila, you may visit

and , these are the two best shelters in the area. I am not a member of any of this two organization but I am hearing good things about them. Please remember that just because an animal doesn’t have the right pedigree that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings and doesn’t have the capacity to love, because they are so full of love they’re bursting with it.

Ming-Ming is currently outside, playing with other cats who found their way in our home. We even have this theory that maybe Ming-Ming told his story to other cats and that’s why we have “guests” staying with us once in a while. Whenever I look at him, I always remember how he was when he was a kitten struggling for his life and what a miracle it was that now he’s prancing about, full of life.

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What a touching story darling. You are really kindhearted. There are only few people especially here in the Phils. who treats ordinary animals with respect and dignity

That story made my heart melt. I’m literally in tears right now. Not all people are blessed with a kind heart like you. Keep rockin dude!

Aww what a sweet story. So sad that someone could do that do a poor animal.

I have cats right now. But soon I will be moving in with my fiance and he hates cats. So it’s better that we don’t have one. Eventually I think I will be able to talk him into a dog though. It will have to be a calm one though.

I agree with spaying or neutering. We took in many cats like you did over the years, it’s usually my uncle or my sisters who pick up stray kittens on the streets.

Some survive some don’t, but it’s nice that these poor things are given a chance to live.

those kittens are so lucky to have you but you know what here is the states its against the law baka makulong kapa or magbayad ng malaking halaga. Pusa namin si Boo adopted lang din. Kasi kelangan umalis nong may ari papuntang spain.

Mabuti at hindi ka nahirapan alagaan yung mga pusa? diba yung mga pusa dyan kung saan saan tumatae at kung ano ano ang kinakain kaya nagkakasakit or nagtatae. Pusa namin ang arte ayaw tumae sa cat litter kung masyado ng madumi at ayaw din kumain ng ibang pagkain. mamahalin ang gusto tsk. but we love Boo so much malambing sya eh.

Oh well am glad naka-survive ka sa hirap ng pag-aalaga mo sa mga kittens at swerte din nila

May kwento din sana ako tungkol dito kaso hahaba na ang comment ko hehehe ganito din ang sitwasyon at naging kaaway ko pa talaga yung may ari ng mga pusa. May ari ng aparment kasi yun ayaw nya kasi kung saan saan daw tumatae ang pusa. Basta nakaaway ko ang matandang yun nawalan tuloy ako respeto sa kanya.

na touch naman ako sa story na to.. you’re just like me, mahilig kumupkop ng mga kuting, tapos lumalaki sila sa bahay namin matataba hehee. hayy naku, sis balik na lang ako, 2:30 am na have to go to sleep. love you, take care!!

God bless…

Rad!!! grabe.. touching naman nun… nakakaiyak nga e. swerte nga nila. Parang kwento sa tv, pero totoo. Sis… ambait mo… ambait ng mom mo. Kung samin yun, di papayagan un. ayaw nila ng cats dito. Maka-aso sila dito. Pero ako, gusto ko ng kitty. T^T

hi rad just to know your wish so you’ve been tagged


Wow, it’s hard to believe that people actually do that to poor little animals. But it’s really great that you decided to take care of them. I’m sure they had a great home =]

That was such a sweet story. All of my cats were either found along the street or adopted from the humane society. Not many people would have taken on the responsibility of raising all of those kittens so I admire your kindheartedness. Thanks for the needed reminder that there are some good people in this world.

Oh and thanks for the comment btw. And yes I got what you were saying, redundancy and all.

Thanks so much, your advice is much appreciated.

Oh god, I can’t stand animal abuse, neglect, etc… I read the first sentence of your second paragraph and was instantly disgusted with that person. What a horrible thing to do. are a animal lover. I don’t know why I’m afraid of cats. But that doesn’t mean I hate cats..they look cute but..ok i just don’t know why. haha.

Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog.

Although I’m not big fan of having any pet on my own, I’m touch after I read this post. I can’t believe how cruel people could be and those three were very lucky to have you. Well, I’m sure when Meow-Meow and Blackie died, they were not feeling too unhappy because they had you…

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