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The Geekarooni

geeks can be girly too, y’know.

The Geekarooni

June 29th, 2007 by Rad

INTRODUCTION. Her name is Rad. It’s a self acquired nickname from one of the four names her parents gave the poor defenseless ‘lil thing when she was born. Yes. She’s got four names and all of ‘em are weird. The first is Amir which is okay, if it wasn’t a boy’s name. Imagine having to correct people who haven’t seen you yet that it’s not “Mr. Amir.” She’s not the girly girl but she draws the line when being called mister. Her second name is Radmilla which is her favorite of them all, this is where she got the nickname Rad with just a little help from subtraction: Radmilla – milla = Rad. Yep, this girl sure is good with math

She’s not gonna tell you her other two names, for self preservation.


dreamer. geek. piscean. secretive. cheerful. friendly. bratty. ditzy on the outside, witty on the inside (or so I hope). beach bum. computer nerd. pink. loner. tv addict. vampire wannabe. complicated. confused. movie buff. pushover. reader. margarita. extrovert. castaway wannabe. misfit. vain. CSI wannabe. creative. imaginative. vampire slayer wannabe.

FAVORITES. dancing. DDR. arcade. pasta. pizza. potatoes. bread. sweets. cookies. buffy. veronica mars. lost. grey’s anatomy. pushing daisies. hereos. . . . . dogs. cats. Cotton. . The Alchemist. television. clothes. daisies. romantic suspense novels. Linda Howard.

411. Rad is currently in her quarter life (layman’s term: 25 years of age) and a Filipina. She’s not going to tell you where she is right now because it’s always changing, something to do with her job. She was born a Catholic but she doesn’t really practice it because she chooses not to be part of any organized religion, although her faith is strongly intact. She believes in Spirituality. She’s often in front of a monitor of some sort because 1) she’s a computer and TV geek and 2) it has something to do with her job, yet again. Aside from her love of monitors she also enjoys watching movies, yet an even bigger screen to feast her eyes on. When she gets tired of technology she loves to sink her teeth on a book, preferably some passionate love story

She also loves to dance but is not that active anymore, unlike when she was in college. Which is why she’s looking fleshy…the fat ass. Get some damn exercise!

She loves to obsess about television shows and has never gotten over hey Buffy and SMG phase. Sadly, I doubt if she’ll ever will.

DOMAIN. So this is her blog. It’s a combination of geek and loony but geekaloony sounded way lamer than geekarooni so naturally she’ll choose the less lame domain. If you must now, she can be cool on occasions. There’s not really a specific description on what kind of blog Geekarooni is, Rad writes what she wants (or doesn’t want) to write. You can either love it or hate it but she accept comments either way. She’s a total comment whore so please do. She’s not sure what you’ll get from reading her blog but she hopes it won’t get you indigestion.


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