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Nintendo Wii Used for Rehabilitation

By Robert | October 5, 2007

The video game industry is very profitable but it also gets a lot of attacks from individuals because of claims of keeping children on the couch instead of them doing outdoor activities. The Nintendo Wii is definitely untouched by such claims as the entire concept behind it makes kids involved physically while playing their favorite video games. What is interesting is that scientists also find the game console one that can be put to a better use than just playing. Physical therapists at the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in the Abbott Northwestern hospital in Minneapolis are using the Nintendo Wii to help patients that suffered from strokes to recover easier. We are facing an experiment here but it does seem like the results are quite impressive.

One example stands in 77 year old Jerry Pope. He suffered from a debilitating stroke and the Nintendo Wii seems to have helped him gain back the use of his arms. He declared that he ends up moving his whole body as if he is really playing the game. This is motivational for him and makes him feel that he is making progress. He has been playing a virtual tennis game.

To make this piece of news even more interesting, it also seems that the Army is starting to use Wiis in order to help injured soldiers in Germany. It is aimed to gain back arm strength by playing Nintendo games on the Wii game console. Playing video games is not an actual part of the rehabilitation process but it is a great way to get the soldiers motivated according to Lars Oddsson, director of the Sister Kenny Research Center.

The next step, according to Oddsson, is to conduct a survey to see whether the Nintendo Wii console also shows rehabilitation results. The idea is simple: use two groups. One will be conducting regular physical recovery exercises and the other will utilize the Wii in their recovery process. The results do seem positive so far.





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