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October 6, 2007 |

Before anything else I just want everyone to know that this is my opinion and like everyone else, I have the right to voice out my opinion. I’m writing this with the out most respect for everyone. If you disagree with my opinion, I will accept that but please don’t reduce to below the belt insults cause that’s not really gonna help anyone.

My grandfather is a doctor. So is my uncle and aunt. My cousins are med students and their girlfriend and boyfriends are doctors. I’m not a doctor, nor have I ever fantasized being one. Instead, I work in a network company editing Filipino drama shows. On a side note, I don’t watch Desperate Housewives.

I asked my cousin what she thinks of the whole DH controversy, if she’s fuming mad for the “racial slur” targeting Filipino doctors made by one of their characters and she said that generally, doctors from the Philippines have to go through a lot (I won’t enumerate what she said cause I’m lazy) to work in the US so it’s safe to say that you have to be really good to work for the US.

She said that she doesn’t let the issue bother her, she’s just wants to do a good job.

So basically what Susan Mayer said (notice that I said Teri Hatcher’s character and not the actress herself because I think people should think about that before hating her for something her character said) really has no grounding.

My guess, our country was randomly picked among developing countries who export Doctors and Nurses by an ignorant writer who doesn’t know a fig about how the whole hiring process work. Sometimes mistakes like that happen because of lack of research. Or maybe somebody had a bad experience with a Filipino doctor and use DH as an outlet, who knows?

I guess they think it wouldn’t really bother anyone since they always make fun of their fellow Americans, quite noticeably in late night talk shows all the time (re: Britney, Lohan, Bush etc.) and usually no one ever protest over it. Being a sensitive nation, this time it is not the case however. The Filipino medical community have the right to be insulted and hurt. It hurts our doctors abroad because a lot of them work their asses off over there and this is what they get for thanks. I agree that they have the right for an apology.

But didn’t ABC already gave out one? So why are there still people in pitchforks out to get their blood? Cause last I heard, forgiveness is a good thing. So why are there stones still being thrown? They made a mistake and they admit it already, they’re waving their white flag, why not accept it? Why can’t we just all move on and let it rest,

what more is there to ask for? Oh yeah, boycott the show…but don’t they deserve a second chance? This isn’t Larry King, it’s Desperate Housewives for goodness sake. It’s fiction, not an opinion. It was a bad pun. Yes, it was annoying to watch but not really worth it to make this much fuss over.

I am not disregarding anyone’s opinion and feelings here but we should accept that everyone makes mistakes, we all should know cause I’m sure all of us made at least one at some point in our lives. We won this one. Now let’s move on and focus on the finer things in life.

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Well said. It’s not so often we see blog entries on the DH issue with levelheadedness.

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— October 6, 2007 @

Thanks for visiting. I love your website and everything about it. take care sweetie

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— October 7, 2007 @

kasi opportunist yung ibang satin kaya humingi tawad hindi pa din kuntento… kaya sometimes i hate pinoys :/

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— October 8, 2007 @

I too don’t know what else they want after the apology. The show isn’t really serious in the first place, I personally didn’t think it was a big deal …

Not that I didn’t think the angle was some what distasteful and may come off as demeaning to some.

I took it more as a wake up call for the government and not the professionals, because I really think this took reference from that nursing exam scandal we had last year (I think).

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— October 8, 2007 @

I wanted to make a post regarding this pero hinayaan ko na lang. the first time I saw the video I knew right there and then na ang may kasalanan is yung staff mismo and hindi si teri Hatcher, hala dami ko na nakitang comments na hate daw nila si teri.. sabi ko wtf?? character lang yun eh and yes alam ko they demand an apology, naitaas na nga ang white flag na suko sila, mali sila, nagkamali sila, tama ka rin dun hindi maiiwasan yun eh, baka nga naman kulang sa research or di kaya nakaexperience and isa sa kanila ng malpractice diba you never know.. ako ren sometimes I hate pinoys for being sooo.. I don’t know what’s the word. mahirap mag forgive ba? hay ewan.. alam mo natutuwa ako kasi talagang malwak isip natin pagdating sa ganyan, wag puro hate forgive and forget na lang diba? mwahh


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— October 10, 2007 @

I love DH, but I must have missed whatever was said!

It’s nice to see someone that can see both sides of the situation

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— October 11, 2007 @

By the way, I just noticed this layout has a scrapbook feel to it.

Do you scrapbook?

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— October 11, 2007 @

(click on my name for the new URL address)

very well said sis!

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— October 11, 2007 @

I don’t watch the show but what ever was said, it sounds like it was uncalled for. :/

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— October 12, 2007 @

I agree with you. Racist “slurs” appear in shows all the time, usually without malicious intent behind them. I don’t know exactly what happened in DH to inspire such controversy, but at the end of the day if ABC gave an apology for any offence caused, isn’t that all that matters? People are so hell bent on trying to be politically correct these days that they lose track of the important matters. They’re getting militant over the wrong issues.

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— October 12, 2007 @

i’m so with you, sister!

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— October 13, 2007 @

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