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September 15, 2007 |

I’ve been tagged by , I think I’ve done this before but my answers were one liners, way different from what Aneesah did, so it’s just like answering a brand new tag since I’m going to follow her lead. I’m supposed to write 8 random stuff about me:

1. Although people often tell me that they think I’m way too nice (which I’m not really), I can be a real brat sometimes. Only my close friends and family can attest to that cause I don’t really show that side to anyone. Yup, only my (poor) friends can account to my evil, bratty side. Poor, poor Marianne and James, lol.

2 . I’m not the hard-to-get type. When I say ‘No, I don’t like it’, I mean it and vice versa. I’m not one to beat around the bush, so if a person for example ask me to do something, I’d say no if I don’t want to do it; I’m not sure when I’m not sure and yes when I do want to do it. Pretty simple, isn’t it?


I love television. Heck, I even work for a network company for crying out loud. Although I don’t watch the programs I edit, I love watching tv… if I wasn’t so weight conscious I’d be sitting in my bum all day munching junk and doing marathons. TV marathons, that is. You’ll often see my tv addiction here since I often blog about my favorite tv shows and such.

4. I’ve experienced studying both in a coed and exclusive for girls school and of the two experiences, studying in the latter really made its mark. What I am now is partly because of being schooled in an all girls school and I’m glad. Although there are a lot of stereotypes regarding exclusive schools, it was a great experience and based on it I found out that girls are more catty and mean in coed schools and I have no idea why. Of course there’s this usual backstabbing going on but even that is much more rampant in a coed school. Maybe because of the boys around?


I’m a bit of a pushover and being bullied twice (when I was in first grade and 6th grade) was proof of that. Sometimes I get this feeling of wanting to scream at a rude saleslady or argue with a tricky cab driver but I don’t want to elongate the problem so I’d just leave it be. Maybe they had a bad day or something. Or maybe I just don’t have the guts to do that, I just really don’t want to be mean to anybody even if they were to me. But I think I’m improving, I’m learning to stand up for myself when I believe it’s important for me to. More so now thanks to my working in a cutthroat network where monsters lurk around the corner, lol.

6. People think I’m dumb and it’s partly my fault because I let them think that. The evil thing is I like having that upper hand on people belittling me because they think I’m just a fluffy bunny. Plus sometimes it’s even easier to get what you want when you act dumb. It’s evil, I tell you…and not something I’m particularly proud of.

7. I’m a huge Buffy fan. So much so that some of my friends call me Buff because they all know how crazy I was for that show. I’ve been a fan for 10 years, can you imagine that?! I know the shows over, has been for years but I still think it’s the best show ever. Best. Show. Ever. And I’m pretty sure someone here’s going to comment ‘OMG, get over it already!’ :haha:


I love the beach. The reason I want to live in Hawaii is partly to get closer to as much beaches as possible. Or maybe in the Bahamas, anywhere where beach life is a way of life. One day, I plan to settle in a peaceful seaside community.

I’m tagging my first 8 commenters

I can’t help it, I like watching and reading about celebrity gossip. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. So to further enhance this bad and useless habit, I’m going to start a series and this is my Gossip Girl issue #1.

A lot of scandals happening in showbiz nowadays from Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photos to Britney Spears crap performance at the VMA. I liked Britney, she wasn’t the best singer, but she was a great performer…we didn’t see any of that in her supposed huge comeback. I was even embarrassed for her, it was that bad. But I think it was below the belt for people to be pointing and making fun of her for being “fat”. Yes, she wasn’t the old buff Britney we are used to seeing when on stage but she had two kids for goodness sake, give her a break.

Her mistake was wearing something that emphasized her new body, she shouldn’t have worn that bikini she looks uncomfortable with it. Yes she was really, really bad at her performance…we all know that, we have

eyes. But you shouldn’t poke fun at a person because of one’s weight.

I kind of

feel sorry for Vanessa Hudgens because those photos, although admittedly shocking, were leaked by someone she obviously trusted. Poor girl got betrayed be her own people. And anyway, the only reason the photos made showbiz headlines’ because it contradicted her wholesome image. I’m not much of a fan, but I hope she’d deal with this in a way that would show maturity that she obviously didn’t have when she posed nude for that photo.

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O my gosh! Gossip! lol As you have read in my blog, I’m not one for gossip…but I read it anyways. I didn’t know what was going on with Britt..I just have heard a lot about her lately. I agree with you though..they shouldn’t poke fun of the fact that she has gained weight, because like you said, she has had two kids! My goshness!

I kinda guessed the main pic was set as the background. I have been thinking of a layout where the main pic was like that.

So I guess the header thing that makes it look pretty like that was already in the theme then?

Thanks, I think I’ll go see where you got the original from.

I was also wondering if you would like to do a link exchange?

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— September 17, 2007 @

I’ve the same sentiments with the Britney and Vanessa thing. Sometimes it’s scary how nasty people can get.

Oopsie … so I’m tagged? ;P I’ll try to do it in the near future

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— September 17, 2007 @

Cute site! I love the layout.

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— September 17, 2007 @

I know, I did feel a bit sorry for Vanessa Hudgens too – that would be pretty horrible

Ahh, i know a lot of people who were not impressed by the Britney performance though – I guess it was a tad disastrous.

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— September 18, 2007 @

Eek, I’m not too sure what I think about the whole tagging thing. It get’s repetitive, and, well, boring!

Although I liked your full answers – made a nice change!

I’m so not up to date with anything, it’s amazing. I have no idea who Vanessa is, and haven’t heard about Britney’s performance.

Ha, I’m so innocent sometimes!

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— September 18, 2007 @

No, I’m think I’m THE BIGGEST Buffy fan, haha. I own the Buffy DVD Special Collection (all 7 Seasons) and I’ve seen each Season at least over 8 times. My friends and family are beginning to worry. Hehe. I just never get sick of watching it over and over. It’s just such a repeatable watch.

Christ, just realized I got tagged. Uh, ok… I’m notorious for having never done one meme tag in my entire blogging life. Well, I’ll make note of this occasion… and do it some day, in a few months from now. I have to, because I’ve been tagged for this same meme… over 5 times, I think. :p Bad, bad me.

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— September 20, 2007 @

Nobody bullied me when I was at school since I am also a total bitch and I always have the numbers of the rectors on speed dial. So they are afraid to touch me hahahhahha. I also love Buffy and yeah about Vanessa I feel sorry for her.

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— September 25, 2007 @

kala ko tv series na gossip girl. about dun kay vanessa alam mo bang half pinay yan? at alam mo bang mahilig sya magpost ng nude pic sa mga friend nya since 12 years old ata sya. hmm baka dream nya mag-bold star LOL.

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— September 26, 2007 @

daan lang ulit…

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— September 26, 2007 @

where did my comment go?

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— September 28, 2007 @

Gossip girl…you can gossip celebrities like

and etc. hehehe

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— November 9, 2007 @

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