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August 3, 2007 |

Okay, I’m in my total fangirl mode right now and I just wanna greet one of my favorite actress on her special day

So for the nth time: Happy Birthday Evangeline Lilly!

The other day I finally gave in and allowed James to see my blog. He got inspired and made one himself. That guy hardly listen to anything I advice him to do so against my tip he made one in , where almost all pinoys have an account. He blogged about stuff like his quarter life crisis and all those stuff we twenty somethings go through. It’s safe to say that it was a very personal entry.

The next day his mom called, telling him that they have to bond when he gets home and other motherly advice you try to avoid when your mother’s in that zone. Apparently, his mom has a friendster account. His mom receives friendster emails. His mom received the “James has updated his Friendster Blog” email. His mom read his blog. I don’t know whether to shudder or laugh my ass of. Perhaps I can do both at the same time?

I’d rather drop dead than find out that my mom reads my blog, I’d compare it to my mom finding about my sex life (or lack thereof

). So mom, if you’re reading this blog…please don’t ever tell me. Please. I’d rather not know.


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hahaha ate rad

don’t worry. no one’s stopping you from greeting your fave actress!

what happened just made my eyes go BIG O_O

that’s so embarassing.

i wouldn’t want my mum to know what my relationship is like >.

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— August 3, 2007 @

ok makikigreet na rin ako happy birthday to her! nakakatwa naman nangyari dun sa friend mo ok lang sana kung wala mga personal post

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— August 4, 2007 @

eeekk, di ko maimagine na basahin ng mom ko ang blog ko! well, in my situation it’s the hubby… I don’t want him reading all my ramblings hahahaha! nakakahiya eh hehee… pero siguro If I found out I’d freak!

have a nice day, sis!

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— August 4, 2007 @

dear sis…

Comment by kitty

— August 4, 2007 @

Well, after a whole year of successfully keeping my blog (and the contact info of the domain name private — as I paid extra for that service), my Mom who can’t remember my domain name and has never read my blog

told her friend’s 2 kids about it because she got excited that I won an award. She said to them, “It’s fruitytootybooty or something” … and they found my site last night by Googling “fruity blog award”. They e-mailed me last night.

Now, I’m mortified that they’ll tell THEIR parents who will tell my Mom… who will now probably be interested now in reading my blog to see if I’m writing anything that will embarrass her. Uggh.

And around and around the misery goes.

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— August 4, 2007 @

I tried blogging in Friendster and I hated it.

I don’t know if this still happens in Friendster blogs, but you just can’t edit the codes (especially when you see your post’s pictures floating on the text like crazy).

Anyway, I could type my all in my blog even with my Dad around.

He’s not that techie to begin with.

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— August 5, 2007 @

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