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Shortage of Nintendo Wii for the Holidays

By Robert | January 9, 2008

There is a big chance that not even Nintendo expected the Wii game console to be so successful. One year past since the launch and the company is not able to cope with the demands. There are currently some rumors going on that Nintendo is actually creating this shortage, making it a sales tactic but we really need to think that the truth comes from an underestimation of Wii demands.

We are near the holiday season and people want Wiis more than ever. George Harrison, marketing chief at Nintendo, declared that they are at a current world rate of 1.8 million Nintendo Wiis manufactured each month and this rate will continue until there is no more shortage. Harrison also said that Nintendo is trying to change decisions every single week regarding the market to ship to because of the huge success showed in both Japan and Europe.

Although we are dealing with a lot of Wii on the market you can not expect to find one easily now. There are shortages expected in December and this is official news. Nintendo also said in the past that there was the possibility that shortages will appear and the holiday season actually means that it will be quite hard for people to purchase Wiis. To make it even better for the company, we are also seeing DS handhelds ranking up in sales just behind the Wii in US. October marked a month in which the Wii and the DS were the two top selling game consoles in US, selling 519,000 and 458,000 units. Also, keep in mind that this is just half of the life span exhibited in DS as compared to how long the GameBoy lasted. This means that even more DS consoles will be sold in the future. Nintendo is truly topping themselves now.





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