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And one cake to find them, One Cake to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. You know after Happy …

Lovers of Brick! Woo’ers of blocks, Thinkers of all things plastic and knobby. Your day has come. ThinkGeek has started selling the most customizable mug of all time. …

This is a surprisingly fantastic mug. I was more than skeptical that it would actually withstand abuse from my kids and still work as …

Via Geek Sweets, Zelda Themed Life Cakes… Err Cupcakes. It’s Dangerous to go alone. Take this! So Awesome. And they look soo …

We here at the CaffiNation love us some robotic fun. But how cool would it be to throw a little locomotion into …

Who hasn’t wanted to throw in a couple of hats for the kids after polishing off Ye Old 96′er? Well take the …

You heard correctly. This is a robot shaped like a beer can. usually when inaimate objects start doing things, you know like …

When the time comes for a zombies apocolypse, I don’t think Dominos will still be delivering. So you need to stock up …

Freshly picked by the ewoks and roasted by highly trained stormtroopers, a Jedi, or a Sith,  can not start his/her without a …

Once more its that time of the year. Easter is upon us again, Clucking bunnies and vinegar baths for eggs await. But what if …

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